Welcome to the Gates Elementary School Speech-Language Department! 

   In a school setting, the speech-language pathologist (SLP) is responsible for performing a variety of tasks, including screening, evaluation/assessment, therapy/treatment (if a student is found eligible for services), progress reporting, and teacher/parent consultation. 

SLPs typically provide services in the following areas: 

  • Articulation:  How speech sounds are produced.
  • Phonology: How speech sounds are organized into classes and the rules/patterns that govern their production.
  • Receptive Language:  Understanding/Comprehension of language and language concepts in a variety of areas, including semantics (vocabulary), syntax (word order), morphology (grammar), and pragmatics (social skills).  
  • Expressive Language:  Using language to express knowledge, ideas, feelings, and needs in a variety of areas, including semantics (vocabulary), syntax (word order), morphology (grammar), and pragmatics (social skills).  
  • Pragmatic Language:  Social Communication.
  • Fluency:  How fluently, or smoothly, speech is produced.
  • Voice: How the voice is used, and how to maintain healthy vocal hygiene (vocal hygiene program). 

For additional information, visit the American Speech/Language/Hearing Association (ASHA)