Grade 8 Drama

In this class, students will explore basic theatre terms and skills through hands-on experience. We will use scripted scenes and improvisational exercises to strengthen public speaking skills and gain a better understanding of the crafts of acting, directing and technical theatre. I am excited to share all of these things with 8th graders this year!

Not all students consider themselves natural performers or even have any experience in theatre arts, but studying theatre can develop important life skills such as critical thinking, public speaking, and collaborative work. More importantly, we are taking time during our busy school day to step back and appreciate the importance of the arts in our lives.

Emailing Mrs. Dunakin

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Hi Mrs. Dunakin:

This is Joe Schmoe from 8 Gold. I hope you are having a great weekend. Our group is scheduled to perform our scene in

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perform for the class?

Thank you,

Joe Schmoe