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Here you will find useful information and resources for my classes, extra practice, and other helpful reminders. 

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El horario de Señorita Donovan 2017-2018 (my schedule)

Periodo 1: Español 3 CP 
Periodo 2Español 3 CP
Period0 3: Español 2 CP/Español 3CP1
Period0 4: Español 3 CP 
Period0 5: Libre (free)
Periodo 6: Libre (free)
Periodo 7: Español 2 CP/Español 3CP1
Period0 8: Libre (free) 

Todas mis clases están en 122E. All of my classes are in 122E. 

Extra help is during periods 5, 6 y 8 (I can be found in the world language department center 119E) or before or after school by appointment.