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Central Administration

William McAlduff

Interim Superintendent of Schools

On August 28, 2017, William McAlduff became the Interim Superintendent of the Acton-Boxborough Regional School District.  The Acton-Boxborough Schools employ nearly 1000 full and part-time teachers, counselors, administrators, and support staff. To view more information about the Superintendent, visit the Superintendent's Page.  Mr. McAlduff can be reached by email.

Marie Altieri, M.Ed.

Deputy Superintendent

Under the leadership of Marie Altieri, the Human Resources Department directs the recruitment, hiring, evaluation of all staff, and the placement of substitute teachers.  

For more information, please view the Human Resources section.  Ms. Altieri also oversees the enrollment and placement of students, the kindergarten lottery, and waitlists. Information about registering students can be found here.  Ms. Altieri can be reached by email.

See the FY 2017 ABRSD Organizational Chart for an overview of Acton-Boxborough Regional Schools staff.


Deborah Bookis

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning


Under the leadership of Deborah Bookis, the Teaching and Learning Department is a resource for support staff, parents, teachers, and administrators as we form a teaching and learning community endeavoring to provide effective instruction for students PreK-12. When teaching (curriculum, instruction, and assessment) results in learning (understanding at meaningful levels) with positive attitudes towards the process and one another, we know that our goals for our community have been achieved.  Deborah Bookis can be reached by email.  Follow her on Twitter @dbookis and participate in our learning by using the hashtag #ABlearns.  To view the Teaching and Learning section, click here. 

Amy Bisiewicz

Director of Educational Technology

Under the guidance of Amy Bisiewicz, the Department of Educational Technology strives to prepare students for a 21st century world that values innovation, creativity, and collaboration skills. Our EDTech Instructional Technology team delivers site-based support for our students and staff. In support of over 4,000 devices, our knowledgeable and friendly desktop support team provides fast and effective troubleshooting of computer problems, and can evaluate needs and requirements of new hardware purchases. Along with our hosted online support systemusers can request group and one-on-one training as needed. 

Amy Bisiewicz can be reached by email. You can follow the Department on Twitter @edtechabTo view the Educational Technology section, click here.

David Verdolino

Director of Finance

Overseeing the Finance department, David Verdolino and his team are responsible for the management of the financial processes of the school system, including budget, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, grants, gifts, and the collection of fees.  To learn more about the Finance team, you can reach David Verdolino by
 email or click here for their website. 

Beth Petr

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and School Committee 

As the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and the Acton-Boxborough Regional School Committee, Beth Petr strives to support our mission to prepare all students to attain their full potential as life-long learners, critical thinkers, and productive citizens of our diverse community and global society. 

Beth Petr can be reached by email

Dawn G. Bentley, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent for Student Services

The Student Services Department covers a broad spectrum of services to meet the needs of students across the district, including:

          • English Language Education Program (also known as Emergent Bilingual Program) 
          • Carol P. Huebner Preschool Program 
          • Special Education
          • Health and Nursing Services 
          • Counseling and Psychological Services 

You can reach Dawn by email or go to the Student Services section for more information.

Pam Smith

Director of Special Education

Within the realm of Special Education, students receive academic and therapeutic interventions at all levels from preschool through completion of secondary education or until transition to adult services. 

Pam Smith can be reached by email.  To view the Special Education section with much more information, click here.

Erin Bettez

Director of Community Education

Under the direction of Erin Bettez,  Acton-Boxborough Community Education program provides an array of classes, programs, and unique opportunities to learn something new about the community, our world, and/or ourselves.  This impressive organization is a wonderful part of our district team and extends the richness that our school system provides to the greater community.  The district encourages members of the public to explore all of the great programs included in each season's  Interaction catalog. For more information about AB Community Ed, click here.

Erin Bettez can be reached by email.  

J.D. Head

Director of Operations

Under the leadership of JD Head, the Facilities and Transportation department manages and maintains all buildings and grounds as well as the transportation system for AB. All of the staff aim to deliver excellence in managing resources and in supporting the learning environment of our students and faculty.  

JD Head can be reached by email. You can follow the Department on Twitter @ABfacilities.  For more information on Facilities & Transportation at AB, click here.