Eversource Challenge - Entries Due by Friday March 10

If you are interested in submitting an entry, please return it to Miss Hayes by March 10. 
Late submissions will not be accepted. 

See below for information about the assignments for each grade level, as well as information about prizes.

Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 • Saving Energy Poster
Create a poster that shows how you can better save energy around your house (e.g., turning off the lights, turning off the TV, etc. when not using it). Use your imagination and illustrate your knowledge on energy conservation. Students will be judged against other applicants in their respective grade level.

Grade 3 • Limericks
Write two limericks about different ways that you can save energy. Your first limerick should be about saving energy in your home, and the second should be about saving energy at your school. A limerick is a funny poem that consists of five lines. Lines one, two, and five have nine syllables and the last words of each line should rhyme. Lines three and four have six syllables and should also rhyme.

Grade 4 • Short Story
Write a short story about a girl or boy trying to save energy in their home. Explain with words and pictures what your main character is doing to make his or her home more energy efficient.

Grade 5 • Song Lyrics
Take a well-known song and compose new lyrics so that it relates to energy efficiency. Possible themes include sustainability, conservation, and energy efficient technologies. Remember to include the original name and artist of the song you chose.

Grade 6 • Letter to Parents
Write a letter to your parent(s) or guardian(s) challenging them to change their energy habits and become more energy efficient. Bring up topics such as energy conservation (e.g., turning off the lights) and using energy-efficient technologies (e.g., light bulbs).

For each grade level, there will be first, second, and third place winners. For winning groups, each student will receive his or her own prize.
First Place: $400 Amazon gift card
Second Place: $250 Amazon gift card
Third Place: $100 Amazon gift card
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