Welcome to Educational Technology at Conant 

New Technology at Conant
We have a lot of exciting opportunities to use technology this year...... 
 some of our teachers received equipment through ILP grants:

   *the first and second grade classes received some iPads
   *Ms. Stewart received some iPads for music classes
   *Mrs. Pastor received a Chromebook cart

    Ms Hayes won a Crayola grant: Champion Creatively Alive Children 2015 and the proceeds from it will be used to assist first and second grade classes.

Links for Students
I have created a webpage containing links for Conant Students (https://sites.google.com/a/abschools.org/conant-student-home-page/ ) and added it as a home page to the computers in the lab,  the 1st & 2nd grade cart, and the 3rd & 4th grade cart. It is also available from the Conant site under the Students -> Students eResources.

This page can also be added to student Chromebooks and there is a short link to make that easier: goo.gl/tEH6m4. Let me know if there is anything you want to add to this page.

Student Showcase
This year we will have a Student Showcase page where teachers can add pictures of projects their students are working on. It is just a start but we hope to add more information as the year progresses.

Something You May Find Useful.....
Check out the link above for Cool Technology Tools for some technology ideas.

Tech Tuesdays:

Our Tech Tuesday session have had to change to the afternoon at 2:45-3:45

Every other week will be drop in and there will be a quick "lesson" and lots of practice on topics on the alternate weeks.

Jan. 26 Open Session

Feb. 2 DropBox; come learn how to share and move content between iPads, computers and users. This is useful when a class is working on projects or you want to put something on all the iPads.

Feb. 9 Open Session

You can also come to work on previous Weekly Challenges.
Weekly Challenge:

Want to try technology as a group, share with others what you learn and get support and ideas from your co-workers?

Each Friday a new challenge will be posted, some will be simple others more involved. During the week that follows try the challenge and post results at the end.

The challenges will remain in the blog, so if you missed a week but want to try the challenge later you can.