Welcome to Educational Technology at Conant 

Helping Students Fact Check
An important part of helping students become good digital citizens involves the ability to check on whether what they see and hear is true. Check out this ISTE article which identifies 10 sites that help student with fact checking.

Links for Students
A webpage I have created a webpage containing links for Conant Students has been added as the Home page for the computer lab and MacBook carts. This page contains teacher websites and many useful links for students. 

It is also available from the Conant site under the Students -> Students eResources.

This page can also be added to student Chromebooks and there is a short link to make that easier: goo.gl/tEH6m4. Let me know if there is anything you want to add to this page.

Something You May Find Useful.....
Check out the link above for Cool Technology Tools for some technology ideas.