FY'17 Budget Binder Table of Contents
                                  January 23, 2016

2.  Regional Analysis of Assessments (Table 6)
3.  FY '17 Financial Material 

6.  Enrollment
7.  Class Sizes

9.  Student Services Enrollment Trends and Budget - Department Overview, Presentation and Program Descriptions

10. Departmental Presentations and Summaries
11. School Committee Budget Presentations 
A. Athletic Revolving Account
B. Food Services Revolving Account
C. Community Education
D. Circuit Breaker
E. School Choice

15. Debt Service Schedules Overview and Detail:  AB, Acton, Boxborough


16. ABRSD Regional Agreement
17. ABRSD Long Range Strategic Plan, updated Spring 2014
18. House 1 Cherry Sheets FY’16; Chapter 70 Summary FY'16; Foundation Budget FY '16
19. ALG Multi-Year Plan
20. Health Insurance Trust Income Statement and Balance Sheet December Health Insurance Trust Audit Report; Cook & Co. Report
21. OPEB - Acton Finance Comm presentation to School Committee, ABRSD, Acton, Boxborough reports
22. Middlesex Retirement Appropriation by Unit