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HUMAN BODY SYSTEMS WEBQUEST WEBSITES: Click on the name of each body system to get to the sites where you can answer the questions on the Body Systems Webquest.

FUTURE SCIENCE (if you're done with the WEBQUEST):
1. Get the "Microscope Parts, Care, and Use" handout.
2) Watch this video
3) As you watch, fill in the blanks on the handout for the parts of a microscope
4) After that, read through the handout about microscope use. We will be going over microscope parts and use together in class tomorrow prior to starting to use the microscopes.

Scroll down if you still need Cells poster sites. These links are related to the lil quiz on cells (Wed 3/21):
Amoeba Sisters: Intro to Cells (answer questions on handout as you watch)
Amoeba Sisters: Levels of Organization (answer questions on handout as you watch)

EUKARYOTIC CELLS POSTER WEBSITES (you don't have to use all of these--just use whichever one(s) you find most helpful for the info/drawings you have to do):
Cell Parts (scroll down past all the "study guide topics" for info on cell parts and function--animal AND plant cells)
Cells Alive (interactive, in-depth info on eukaryotic organelles)
Cell Organelle Table (clearly-organized table of info about plant and animal cell parts)

Henry ponders phases of matter