Welcome to Art 1 @ RJ Grey

7th Grade Art focuses on the elements of art, collage, drawing, painting and ceramics. Students draw on previous knowledge while exploring materials in new and unique ways. Not everyone considers themselves an “artist”, so within the Art 1 curriculum, we offer opportunities to explore and experience different art techniques in workshop activities. These workshop experiences help to build skills and allow students to grow on route toward a final art challenge. The hope is that students of all skill levels will expand their knowledge, grow and discover themselves as artists over the course of the semester.

As part of the Art 1 curriculum, students will create handmade ceramic bowls. They will have the choice to donate those bowls to an Empty Bowls Ice Cream Social at the end of the school year. This event is an opportunity for students and their families to purchase a handmade bowl, fill it with ice cream and take it home as a reminder of all the empty bowls in the world. The goal of the even is to help raise money to feed hungry families in our community. We are focusing our donations this year on the Acton Community Supper. This is a local organization that provides food for families in the greater Acton area. Last year we raised an amazing $1000 at the event! We hope you can join us again this year.