Sample Thank You/Follow-up Letter

Suzy A. Student *  

366 Acton-Boxborough Road, Acton, MA 01720

978 264-xxxx (home) 978 777-555 (cell)

(*use the same heading as on your resume)

September 3, XXXX 

Ms. (Mr. or Mrs.) Mary Smith, Manager
Company XYZ
Busy City, MA 01777 

Dear Ms. Smith:

In the opening paragraph, convey your thanks for the interview, their time or help. Thank them for the opportunity to learn more about their company, position or organization.

In the body, if you are following up an interview, write about what you saw, learned or experienced during the interview, or when you visited the company. You can reiterate why you want the position or internship, and offer any new information that might increase your chances of being hired or selected. If you spoke with them by phone or communicated with them by email, you can express your gratitude for their time and mention what you learned or how you benefited from the interaction.

In your conclusion, speak about what you will do next (with your new information) or what you would like the person to do (contact you or hire you) and be positive and courteous. This is an opportunity to show that you are willing to take the time to write a thank you, which shows motivation and strong interest. This can make you stand out from others.


Suzy A. Student

Please note: A letter like this can be sent as an attachment to an email or as an email. Either way, it should be a formal document. You can download the attachment below and use it as a template to write your own letter.

Kay Steeves,
Nov 1, 2011, 8:50 AM