The resume is a one-age document that summarizes information about your work experience, education, and accomplishments.  It also can help you articulate your short term and long term career goals. It is usually prepared by a person who is applying for a job, internship or volunteer opportunity and it helps you get and prepare for an interview.  It can also be used in your college applications. For most students, a high school resume is their first one.

How can a resume help you in your career exploration?
  • Helps you keep track of your education and work experiences
  • Helps you recognize and articulate your skills, interests and accomplishments
  • Saves time by giving you a professional-looking document to attach to application forms
The resume:
  • Should be one page, concisely written and free of errors
  • Will grow and change as you gain more experience in school, volunteering or work
  • Should be saved electronically with your name (e.g. firstnamelastnameresume.doc or firstinitiallastnameresume.doc)
Click here for formatting guidelines for a high school resume