Cover Letter/Letter of Interest

The Cover Letter/Letter of Interest is a companion to your resume. Some people will read the cover letter/letter of interest before the resume, so it can be as important as your resume. It should have similar formatting, font and paper (if hard copy) as your resume and should create a good “first impression.” 

The purpose of the cover letter is to:

  • Get the reader’s attention and make a good “first impression.”
  • State your interest in the position or opportunity, and mention how you learned of the opportunity (e.g. advertisement, website, friend, referral, school)
  • Highlight your experience and skills
  • Show how your qualifications match the requirements of the position/opportunity
  • Close by telling the person how and when to contact you

The Cover Letter/Letter of Interest could be a word-processed document attached with your resume, or could be an email message to which you attach your resume. 

Click here for a cover letter sample.

Click here for a letter of interest sample.