Prep for Job Shadow Visit

Importance of following through
It is critical to the ABRHS Job Shadowing Program that students follow through with their commitments. If you need to make any changes in arrangements for your visit, be sure to notify Mrs. Dempsey or Mrs. Rosenman well in advance of the scheduled visit.

Preparation steps
  • Look at the web site for the place you will be visiting. Note down questions you might ask.
  • Read over the questions on the Job Shadowing Report Form so that you will know what you are expected to observe and report.
  • Look over the information form that you completed and see if any changes are needed. If changes are needed, make them on the paper form and turn it in with your permission form. The information form is generally sent to your sponsor before your visit.
  • Complete and submit your registration (online) & permission forms. Be sure to indicate your transportation needs.
The Visit
Your sponsor has agreed to share a portion of his/her work day with you and tell you about his/her work. Your host will discuss with you what kind of work he/she performs, the working conditions, the future of this type of work and the qualifications needed to enter this field. By seeing your sponsor on the job, you will get an opportunity to witness first-hand some of the responsibilities, demands, benefits and rewards associated with this kind of work.

Your appearance and how you conduct yourself during your day’s visit will contribute to the impression your sponsor and his or her colleagues will form of you, our school, and young adults in general. Arriving on time and being friendly, courteous and interested will all help create a positive impression.

Your dress and grooming should be appropriate for your placement.

If you have your own transportation, you will be responsible for knowing where you are going and how to get there.

This visit will be treated as a field trip for attendance purposes. If you will miss school to make your visit, please mention to each teacher on the day prior to your visit that you will be participating in the Job Shadowing Program.

In addition to observing the work place you visit, you should assume responsibility for asking questions that will help your sponsor share his or her job with you. Some of the questions you might ask include: How did you get into this field? What do you like best about your job? What do you like least about your job? What kind of skills and personality characteristics are most important in this job? What advice do you have for a young person interested in this field? Refer to the report form for other questions you will want to get answered during the day.

If you have any questions about this information, please see Mrs. Dempsey or Mrs. Rosenman. If for any reason you are unable to make your scheduled visit, notify them as soon as possible. They will let you know if you also need to contact the sponsor directly.