Job Shadowing Program

The Job Shadowing Program involves juniors and seniors in one or more half-day visits to workplaces which interest them. Some visits are done in groups; others are done individually. Some are arranged by students who know someone they can visit; others are arranged by the school. Many adults in the community have expressed their willingness to share with students information about their jobs and career paths. 

Click here for a list of occupations in which A-B students have done recent job shadowing visits.

Based on the student's interest expressed in the Career Exploration Student Interest Form, the student will be contacted by the Counseling Center about organizations that could match the student's interest. Students interested in participating in a job shadowing opportunity can register here. You can also contact Mrs. Rosenman at in the Counseling Center for additional information.  There is a small amount of preparatory and follow-up work that needs to be completed as part of the program.