Where in the world is.....

  1. Cafeteria

The cafeteria, also called the Commons, is located in the North part of the building beyond the counseling center.  It is broken into three rooms, A, B, and C, and anyone can sit in any of these rooms during lunch and free periods.

  1. School Store

The school store is located in the Main Lobby next to the Attendance Office and across from the Administration Office.  You can buy snacks, drinks, school supplies, and pick up packages from parents here.  There are also opportunities to earn volunteer hours working during a free period.

  1. Library

The library is located on the second floor in the south wing, directly above the Administration Office. 

  1. Gym

The gym is located on the second floor in the West Wing.  There are a few entrances to it.

  1. Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is located on the first floor in the South Wing—upon entering the building in the Main Lobby, take a right and it is halfway down on your left.

  1. Nurse

The Nurse’s Office is located directly off the Main Lobby and to the right heading down the South Wing on the first floor.