General Questions

  1. What do I need to carry in my backpack?

You should carry pencils, pens, a calculator, and any other essential school supplies in your backpack at all times.  You should probably carry a few periods worth of books and notebooks if you do not want to stop at your locker.

  1. Can I eat outside?

As long as you stay on campus and throw away your trash, there are many places to eat outside—the blue round tables by the softball field are for teachers only, though.  The gazebo in the back of the school is a popular spot when the weather is nice.

  1. What do people wear to school? What is appropriate for school?

There is a wide range in clothing here at the high school.  Many students dress very casually (sweatshirts, etc.), and others choose to dress up sometimes.  Inappropriate clothing includes anything with a drug or alcohol advertisement.

  1. When can we use the library?

You can use the library before and after school without a pass.  If you have lunch or a free period, you can use the library as well.  If you are in a directed study, you need a pass from your subject area to teacher to use the library during your study period.

  1. What is fitness for living?

Fitness for Living is the name of the ninth grade physical education program (gym class).  First term can be a variety of physical activities, second and third term consists of health classes, and fourth term is spent swimming.  Your phys. ed. teachers will review this with you during the first few days of class.

  1. When are school pictures?

School pictures take place during English classes on the second and third days of school.  Your English teachers will tell you on the first day which day you will take your picture.  The forms for buying pictures were mailed home over the summer, and if you don’t have that, there are extra copies and your parents can mail the check in afterwards.  The main office is available to ask questions.