Should I apply?

In order to assist you in deciding whether or not to apply for the AB Ambassadors Program, the following is some clarifying information.

  1. What is the AB Ambassadors Program?

This program is designed to connect juniors and seniors with incoming freshmen and new students who may be nervous or anxious about entering high school.  Counselors from the Junior High will help refer students to this program with the hopes of providing them a smoother transition into the high school.  The Ambassadors themselves will meet as a group occasionally for training, to become more familiar with the workings of the high school, and to participate in leadership/team building activities.  Training will occur before being matched up with new students.  

Ambassadors also help run the Freshman Orientation Program on the first day of every school year.  

2.                    How much time do I need for AB Ambassadors Program?

The Ambassadors will meet 2 - 3 times beginning in May to start training.  The program has one social event for both Ambassadors and their students in late Spring and then they meet at least once over the summer with their students to give tours and get to know each other better.  Ambassadors also help run freshman orientation and will have at least two night meetings to plan for that event.  During the following school year, they will meet as needed to plan events and will devote free time to meet with their students for however long it takes before the student is confident in the new environment (this will vary from student to student).

3.                    How do I sign up for the program?

You will need to complete an application, and once we have received the application, you will also be scheduled for a required informational session.  Applications are typically available in the spring and will be announced via "Good Morning AB" email.

4.                    Does everyone get accepted for AB Ambassadors?

Unfortunately, no.  There are a few factors that we will consider as part of the application process, including the application itself and feedback from ABRHS faculty.  It will also depend on the number of applicants.

5.                    What kind of students does the Ambassadors program accept?

Students chosen to be ambassadors are selected based on dependability, a commitment to the program (both time and attitude), their ability to work well with younger peers (prior experience is helpful), and a genuine interest in learning more about themselves and others in terms of values, communication, and listening skills.

6.                    Who can I talk to for further information?

Ms. Dandridge (Counseling) and Ms. Harris (Counseling) would be happy to discuss the program in depth with you.

Students who are accepted into this program will be expected to adhere to the “Standards of Conduct” as outlined in Section 
III of the Student Handbook.  Violations may result in dismissal from the program.