Frequently Asked Questions of Ambassadors

Frequently Asked Questions

from Freshmen to their Ambassadors


The following are questions that were either asked over the summer or during the first few weeks of school—we asked all of the Ambassadors what questions were asked of them, and then compiled those that were most common.  You can cover the answers to these when you talk and meet with your incoming students over the summer and into the early fall.

1.)    How much time does homework take?  How much homework do you get?

2.)    What do people wear?  What is appropriate for school?

3.)    Can freshmen attend after-school events?

4.)    Where is the cafeteria?  Where is the library?

5.)    With whom and how do I deal with schedule changes, personal problems, etc.? How do I make appointments to do that?

6.)    How do I keep track of the community service?  When do you start keeping track?  Does anything from 8th grade count towards this year?

7.)    What happens if you skip class?  What happens if you are late to class?