Ambassadors Program Description

In 2009, based on then-recent discussion centered on stress and school climate, Mr. Chicko and Mrs. Marcotte initiated a program that we hoped would alleviate some of the stress for new students and to help foster a stronger sense of community, especially between grades at the high school.  This program is designed to connect juniors and seniors with incoming freshmen and new students who may be nervous or anxious about entering high school.  Counselors from the Junior High will help refer students to this program with the hopes of providing them a smoother transition into the high school. 

The ambassadors themselves will meet as a group once a month to work on training, become more familiar with the workings of the high school, and participate in leadership/team building activities.  After filling out an interest sheet, ambassadors and 8th graders will be matched up according to common interests.  Once the ambassadors and 8th graders are paired up (an ambassador can have anywhere from 1-4 kids), the ambassadors will make initial contact with their student(s) by the end of the school year to introduce themselves, answer any questions, and begin developing a relationship with their kids.

Over the summer they will talk at least once, and ambassadors can potentially give their students a private tour of the high school and will also be present at Orientation to help them find their classes, answer more questions about lockers, schedules, etc.  Once school begins, they will be expected to meet/talk at least once a week to check in, especially during the crucial “firsts” of freshman year.

There will always be a student leadership board (see subpage) who will help garner interest as well as help us select each incoming group of potential ambassadors.  Ambassadors will also be trained to help give tours and to help out whenever new students are entering the school.


The program has really grown in its four years: in 2009, we had 70 students sign up to be ambassadors, and now, in 2012, we have over 180 ABRHS students who are ambassadors.  In 2011, because the program had become so large, Mrs. Dandridge became the third advisor to the program.