Welcome to 8 Green Spanish!

You will find important dates here, please look for daily homework under the Homework tab. You will also find links to your textbook online as well as to fun activities that will help you practice Spanish. 

Course Information:

Course: Spanish Level 1B
Teacher: Señora Mateos
Contact Info: kmateospowell
Location: Room 408
Extra help: 
          Wednesday after school
          Wednesday or Thursday during Grey Block

Note: Extra-help may change days in order to help students immediately before an assessment. 

Course Grade: 

Throughout each unit, you will complete assessments that track your progress along the Path to Proficiency. Although assessments will vary for each unit, a typical unit includes the following:
  • Vocabulary Quiz
  • Writing/Grammar Assessment
  • Oral Assessment 
  • Aural Comprehension Assessment 
Note: Point values vary from unit to unit. 


Course Objective:

Our goal this year is to become Intermediate Low or Mid Spanish Speakers. What does this mean?  Look below at the Path to Proficiency to find out!! This is exciting, because you will be able to become fluent in Spanish by your senior year of high school!  I hope that by the end of this year, you'll feel competent to use your Spanish to travel the world!  ¡Vamos!

Course Units:        
  2. LA ROPA:  ¡Vamos de compras! 
  3. LA COMIDA: ¿Qué hacemos esta noche?
  4. LA CASA: ¡Bienvenido a nuestra casa!
  7. EL CUERPO: Mantener un cuerpo sano
LA CULTURA: Throughout the year, we will be studying various topics related to the cultures of the following countries.  Where would you want to go?

  • España
  • Ecuador
  • La Argentina
  • La República Dominicana