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MCAS Practice

Extra help: Wednesdays and Fridays in the library.  I am there from 2:15 to 4:30.

Here's what's going on:

Remember that the parent information sheet is due back to me by Monday, September 11.

Due Monday, September 11 - for five points, bring a binder, five dividers, and your signed contract.  Contract must be signed by both you and your parents.
Also, come with a story about you name - where did it come from?  Why did your parents choose it?  This is to help me to remember you name.  It does not have to be a profound story - and it doesn't have to be in writing.

Due Friday, September 15 - RRJ#1.  You will need to read to chapter 6 to complete this.  You'll get information about this in class on Monday.  

Due Wednesday, September 20 - RRJ#2 .  You will need to read to chapter 12 to complete this.

Monday, September 25 - Vocab Quiz #1.  Click on Vocab section for word list and quizlet.

Wednesday, September 27 - RRJ #3 due

Wednesday, October 4 - RRJ #5 due

Thursday, October 5 - Character Trait Paragraph due

Wednesday, October 11 - RRJ #5 due

For Wednesday, November 8 - Bring 20 pictures that present scenes of your childhoood - they can be from last year.  Be sure to print them out - computer prints are fine.  You do not need pay for the good CVS prints.

Due Monday, October 23 - Found poem.  You will have three days to work in class, so if you work assiduously, you should be able to finish in school

Due Friday, October 27 - CB7s group project.  If you work well with your group, you should be able to finish this in school.

Wednesday, November 8 - Grammar test on parts of speech, sentence, clause, phrase, adverbs/adjectives, prepositions, and literary terms.

Due Tuesday, November 14 - Draft of Recollection #1

Due Wednesday, November 15 - Final of Recollection #1

Due Thursday, November 16 - Draft of Recollection #2

Due Monday, November 20 - Final of Recollection #2

Due Tuesday, November 21 - Draft of Recollection #3

Due Tuesday, November 28 - Final of Recollection #3

Due Wednesday, November 29 - Draft of Recollection #4

Due Thursday, November 30 - Final of Recollection #4

Due Thursday, December 14 - Memoir Project

Friday, December 22 - Grammar assessment on subjects, verbs, helping verbs, and kinds of sentences.  Vocab will also be on the assessment.

Tuesday, January 23 - Open note quiz.  You will need the notes on note taking/group work, notes on poster making that Mrs. Charpentier gave you, and notes on presentations.

Wednesday, January 31 - Grammar quiz on adverb and adjective phrases, appositive phrases.  IRP book read by today.

Tuesday, February 6 - Persuasive letter finished by the end of class

For Tuesday, February 13 - Read to chapter 4 in BHD

Thursday, February 15 - vocab quiz

Due Friday, February 16 - Read chapters 4 and 5 in BHD

Due Wednesday, 2/28 - Read chapter 6

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