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Extra help: Wednesdays and Fridays in the library.  I am there from 2:45 to 4:30.

Here's what's going on:

Due Tuesday, September 11 - for five points, bring a binder, five dividers, and your signed contract.  Contract must be signed by both you and your parents.
Also, come with a story about you name - where did it come from?  Why did your parents choose it?  This is to help me to remember you name.  It does not have to be a profound story - and it doesn't have to be in writing.

Due Thursday, September 13 - Book/Head/Heart #1.  You will need to read to chapter 7 to complete this.  You'll get information about this in class by Tuesday.  

Due Friday, September 21 - Book/Head/Heart #2.  You will need to read to chapter 21 to complete this.

Due Friday, September 28  - Read to chapter 36 and complete Reading Response Journal.  You'll get handouts about this on Friday, 9/21.

Due Friday, October 5 - Read to chapter 50 and complete Reading Response Journal.  

Due Thursday, October 11 - Finish Counting by Sevens.  NO reading response journal!

Found Poem due by end of class on Tuesday, October 16.  You'll get this assignment by Friday, October 12 and we'll work on it in class for three days.

Counting by Sevens Map Project due Monday, October 22.  You'll work on this with your  group in class on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Monday

Grammar Assessment Wednesday, October 31 - you copied information about what was on the assessment in class on 10/23

Ten pictures for Friday, 11/2

IRP book should be read by Monday, November 5.  You will have a workday in class that day.  Project (I Am poem) is due on Wednesday, November 14.  Be sure you have the rubric!

Vocab Quiz Friday, November 9

Recollection #1 due Friday, November 9 at the end of class.  If you cannot finish Friday, you may turn it in Tuesday.

Recollection #2 due Friday, November 16 at the beginning of class.

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