Math on 7 Gold

Welcome to RJ Grey and math on 7 Gold!

My name is Mrs. Nichols and I am excited to get to know all of you as the school year begins and gets going. I hope you had an enjoyable summer and are looking forward to the beginning of the year and all that Junior High has to offer!

Please use the "Homework" link in the menu to access the calendar, which includes HW assignments, extra help days/times, assessments, etc. Additionally, you can access the 7 Gold Homework Calendar from the RJ Grey Website, clicking on "Families" and then "7th Grade Teachers" and then "7 Gold Homework Calendar".

  • The math binder can be shared with another subject (except Social Studies):
    • Lined Paper
    • 3 Dividers
  • Pencils & Erasers (& a pen or two for corrections)
  • Scientific Calculator (no graphing ones, please!)

This is the textbook we will be using this year.

While this is our textbook, our materials are selected from a number of different sources.

Students will receive a log-in during the first couple of weeks of school.