The Best of Both Worlds at Abraar Secondary School

While the majority of Muslim children in the city attend public schools, an increasing number of parents are opting to send their kids to an Islamic school instead. These parents are driven by the desire to have their children educated in a school that inculcates Islamic ethos in an academic setting as the emphasis is placed on the beliefs and practices of the faith throughout the school year. Students have the opportunity to excel academically while they also attain sound grounding in Islamic teachings based on the Noble Quran and the Prophetic tradition. This important early grounding in their faith will provide the students with values from which they will draw lessons and use as guiding principles throughout their lives.

A project of the Muslim Association of Canada, Abraar Secondary School, located in the Bayshore area, is the city of Ottawa’s leading Islamic school. It is a combined middle school and high school for grades 7 to 12. The high school program runs from September to June and is divided into two separate semesters: September to January and February to June. Students can enroll at the start of either semester or join the classes at mid-semester if need be. We have a team of dedicated staff who have a passion for teaching and a particular affection for the Islamic environment in which they teach. They are among the best in their profession. Relatively small class sizes allow the teachers to devote considerable time to each individual student – helping them explore their strengths and unique talents and encouraging them to aim higher in order to reach their full potential.

With the aim of facilitating an understanding of the Quran and ahadith, we offer language courses that initiate the students into a long-term study of Arabic, the sacred language of Islam. We also encourage the memorization of the Noble Quran.

We have a mosque on-site where the students perform the daily prayers as well as attend and benefit from the regular Friday khutbas. This is a true blessing because it teaches the young students the importance of rituals in our religion, and inspires a love for the prayer and making the prayer a central practice in our daily lives. Abraar Secondary School also offers a French language program that meets the provincial requirements and both the middle school and high school programs include French language courses. Students who wish to deepen their knowledge of French have the opportunity to go beyond the requirements and take their language skills to a higher level.

Abraar Secondary School encourages an overall attitude towards healthy living and physical activity for all students. We offer a full athletic program that includes swimming, basketball and indoor soccer. We encourage both male and female students to embrace healthy, active living and participate in the school athletic program. Abraar Secondary School offers young students a sound grounding and deep knowledge of Islamic beliefs and practices – while staying fully committed to academic excellence among the highest in the province of Ontario. Students reach for the stars in both their academic studies and Islamic teachings. Our academic programs fully prepare the students for post-secondary education and equip them with the tools they need to become competitive in their chosen fields.

All in all, Abraar Secondary School is all about academic excellence delivered in a nurturing, protective Islamic environment that gives the students a unique growing and learning experience. It is simply the best of both worlds.

Information for 2019-2020