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Library Information


Library Citizenship:
  • Upon entry into the library, all students are required to enter the library quietly, and sit in their assigned seat.
  • Whispers are welcomed in the library.
  • To keep the books, tables and chairs clean, food and beverages are asked to be left in the classroom.
  • Always use your shelf markers when choosing a library book.
  • Always carry your book(s) to and from school in your bookbag or clean plastic bag.

Book Borrowing and Returns:

  • Students from J.K. to Grade 1 may check out up to 2 books for a 1 week period.
  • Students from Grade 2 and Grade 3 may check out up to 4 books for a 1 week period.
  • Students from Grade 4 to Grade 6 may check out up to 8 books for a 1 week period.
  • All books are to be returned on their due dates;
  • Books can be renewed a maximum of 3 times unless they have been requested.
  • Students are not required to wait until their next library period to renew their books. They can come to the library anytime with the teacher’s permission. 


Overdue, Lost or Damaged Material:

  • A Library Book Receipt will be sent home letting the parents/students know that their child's or children's book(s) is/are overdue.
  •  If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, the student is required to pay the full amount of the book plus $4.00 processing fee, and the student will not be able to borrow library books until the book replacement amount is paid.
  • Please note that there are no refunds for the lost book(s). If the book(s) is/are found, the student gets to keep the book(s).

Book Reservations:

  • Reservations will be done through the library catalog (TBA).

Items that Can and Cannot Circulate:

  • Magazines: No checkout*
  • Picture Books: 1 week (renewable)
  • Chapter Books: 1 week (renewable)
  • Novels: 1 week (renewable)
  • Reference Books: No checkout*;
  • DVDs, CDs…: No checkout (for teachers only)

*Checkout is available for research purposes


Read, Read and Read!!!