Annual Meeting

The 2017 joint BSA and ABLS annual meeting will be in 
Fort Worth, Texas, 24-28 June. 

More information will be sent to members in late 2016/winter-spring 2017.

The 2018 ABLS annual meeting (alone) University of Colorado Mountain Research Station (MRS), August.

The meeting will be held at the UC MRS about an hour from Boulder in the second or third full week of August, 2018, and will include field trips interspersed with talks and meetings. ABLS member and University of Colorado Assistant Professor Erin Trip is the local meeting organizer. President-Elect Catherine La Farge chairs the organizing committee with Erin Trip as co-chair. More information will be sent to members as decisions are made.

The previous joint BSA and ABLS annual meetings were held in:
  • Boise, Idaho, July 26-29, 2014 (Business Meeting Minutes available here)
  • Edmonton, Alberta, July 25-29, 2015 (Business Meeting Minutes available here)
  • Savanna, Georgia, July 20-August 3, 2016 (Business Meeting Minutes available here)

Tuckerman Workshop

Columbiana, Alabama 4H Center ...  27 March - 31  March 2017. 

From James Lendemer and Erin Tripp

"Hello everyone,
We are pleased to announce that registration for the 2017 Tuckerman Workshop is now open. The details are outlined below. Please feel free to e-mail Erin ( or James ( with any questions. We look forward to seeing you there. 
Dates: 27 March - 31  March 2017. Monday (27th) will be the arrival/set-up day. Friday (31st) will be the day of departure. That leaves three full days of field and lab time.
Location and Venue: The meeting space and accommodations will be at the Alabama 4-H Center in Columbiana, Alabama ( We have reserved the Thompson Building for our laboratory space; all participants will have key access to this space. The Thompson Building is located a short walk from the main lodge. In the opposite direction from the main lodge are our accommodations. NOTE that if using driving directions with a GPS to get to the 4-H center, you must spell out the 4 as “four” in 892 4-H Road, Columbiana, AL 35051. 
Accommodations: The accommodations are in the style of hotel rooms (i.e., no space too cook, 1 or 2 queen-size beds). The cost of the hotel rooms includes 3 meals per day and the prices are as follows: $140 per day (single room, 1 queen bed), $100 per person per day (double room, 2 queen beds… thus, $200 for two people in a double). Right now, we have blocked off 25 rooms, which includes a mixture of singles and doubles. If you prefer a single, it's first come first serve so contact the 4-H center sooner rather than later.
Reservations: Please make your own reservation (single room, or double room) for accommodations by completing the attached form and sending it to They will then contact you with details on payment. Calling the 4-H Center during normal working hours is also possible, however they will require that you complete and send them the attached form: 205-669-4241. The form contains information about your arrival and departure dates, as well as any dietary restrictions. Note that if you cannot complete the form and send it via e-mail, you can send it via regular mail to: Alabama 4-H Center, 892 4-H Road, Columbiana, AL 35051
Food: The cost of your stay includes daily meals as follows: dinner only on the 27th, breakfast only on the 31st, and 3 meals on each of the three field days (Tues, Wed, Thurs, the 28th-30th). Lunches will be boxed lunches on these days. If you have dietary restrictions, PLEASE COMMUNICATE THESE DIRECTLY TO THE 4-H CENTER. I for one am vegetarian, so they will already be 'going out of their way' to cook at least one special meal… 
Restaurants & Grocery: If you prefer to eat elsewhere, the closest town with fast food restaurants is Columbiana, 10 mins away. There is also a grocery store in Columbiana. Alabaster, which has more restaurant options, is 30 minutes away.
Registration for Tuckerman Workshop: To register fill out and submit this electronic form ( THE DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION IS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3RD. If you encounter any difficulties please contact Jessi Allen (
What to bring: Yourself, your microscopes, your lab supplies (as needed), extension cords and surge protectors, literature, and collecting gear. Don't forget items from the 2017 reading list that Sean Beeching circulated...
What will be provided to workshop participants: Probably the most comprehensive keys that will cover Central Alabama lichens are those found in our 2013 Smokies book, which is available on Amazon as well as the NYBG Press. Additionally, we will bring some extra copies of the Ozarks Keys and the Dare Keys, but bring your own sets if you'd like. Standard spot test reagents (K, C, P, UV) will be available. Limited additional microscope supplies (coverslips, slides, etc.) will also be available. However we encourage those who are driving to bring some spare supplies in the event that some traveling from further afield are unable to do so.
What kind of weather to be prepared for: Anything. Late March in Alabama could be cool to hot as well as wet to dry. Expect rain, but be pleased if it doesn’t happen. If you don’t like the weather, spend more time at the scopes.
What kind of sites will we visit: The 4-H center is located near a very interesting intersection of several different physiographic provinces including the Cumberland Plateau/Southern Appalachians, Ridge and Valley, Piedmont, and Gulf Coastal Plain. Expect to see an exciting assemblage of lichens from montane to coastal plain affinities! We will also visit sites with exposed sandstone and/or limestone, so don't forget your rock chisels. 
We look forward to seeing you in central Alabama!
Erin & James"


Workshops, Classes, Seminars, and Forays

March 27 - 30, 2017
Near Sequoia National Park, in the Sierra Nevada of California  
The 2017 SO BE FREE bryophyte foray will be held March 27-30, 2017, in the lower elevations of the Sierra Nevada, near Sequoia National Park.  Participants will see a variety of spectacular habitats that are very rich in bryophytes, including the foothills where the valley fog hits the rock outcrops and oak savannahs. The geology includes marble as well as granitics. Depending on snowpack, we may be able to go to the giant sequoia forests.  This is also the annual meeting of the Bryophyte Chapter of the California Native Plant Society.  Registration Deadline is Dec. 15, 2016.  Further details and registration information are given here:

Crum and Tuckerman Workshops

Upcoming Courses at Eagle Hill Field Institute
Steuben, Maine

Announcing Eagle Hill Institute seminars on bryology and licheology in 2017
On the coast of Eastern Maine, just east of Acadia National Park

Jun 4-10 ... Undergraduate Field Studies: Introduction to Bryophytes and Lichens ... Fred Olday
Jun 11-17 ... Mosses: Structure, Ecology, and Identification ... Jerry Jenkins and Susan Williams
Jun 18-24 ... Bogs and Fens: Maine Peatlands ... Nancy Slack and Frances Anderson
Jun 25-Jul 1 ... Liverworts and Liverwort Ecology ... Blanka Shaw

May 21-27 ... Crustose Lichens of the Acadian Forest ... Stephen Clayden
Jun 4-10 ... Undergraduate Field Studies: Introduction to Bryophytes and Lichens ... Fred Olday
Jul 2-8 ... Lichens and Lichen Ecology ... David Richardson and Mark Seaward
Jul 23-19 ... Lichens, Biofilms, and Stone ... Judy Jacob and Michaela Schmull
Aug 6-12 ... Independent Studies: Interesting and Challenging Saxicolous Lichens of North America ... Alan Fryday

The following general flyer has links to individual BRYOLOGY seminar flyers ...

The following general flyer has links to individual LICHENOLOGY seminar flyers ...

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