International Survival Game (Minetest server)
For you and for lasting.

Bring to you by Abil'I.T, an international ITC advice and service company, supporting Free Software and OpenSource solutions in professional environments since 2010.

The server is: 8 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1240 v3 @ 3.40GHz, 32 GB Ram, PRO SSD in Raid (50 TB total capacity)
The OS is: Linux (what else ?) on KVM
The hosting is: geographically redundant datacenters, with battery and diesel UPS.
The bandwidth: virtually illimited. Directly connected to the Internet backbone in Luxembourg (provided by Abil'I.T.)

The minetest server address is: internationalsurvivalgame.abilit.eu, port 30000. Enjoy !

If you want to kill, burn, explode, break everything, you're welcome to connect on port 29999.

The Spawn

Special features:
  • Eight continents are available for each player to find his own place, never far away from the Spawn thanks an efficient network of teleports.
  • It is even possible to walk between continent using the short-path through the Centre of the Earth.
  • Lots of mysteries and treasuries hidden everywhere for your pleasure.
  • A "Kill them all" version of the same world available on port 29999. Meet your best enemies there, burn, explode, destroy all what you want. 
  • Lots of shops for you to exchange your goods or buy valuables (especially in Asia).
  • The Challenges: fun and more. Lots of gold and diamond for the first one that find the exit of mazes !
  • Lots of other features to come !

Please take time to read and understand the Rules.

Have a look at the Continents. Do not hesitate starting to build something in the one you prefer.