Welcome to Creating with a Computer.

What are we creating?  That's up to you.  My goal is provide you the tools you need and ask you to use your creativity to complete projects.  Unlike traditional classes your grade will not depend on the work you turn in, only on the timeliness of that work.  Your turn it in on time and you pass, late and you don't.  To get full credit you need to turn it in early.

Think of it like a job.  Your boss expects a certain level of quality.  If you meet a deadline, you're just doing your job.  You don't and you may not have that job for very long.  Only when you finish ahead of schedule do you get rewarded.

Another non-traditional aspect of the class is that you can't learn everything in the class alone.  Class time will be used to introduce new concepts and answer question.  We will also spend time working on projects.  To learn new techniques you will need to consult the resources page., then read and/or watch.  Working on projects need to occur outside of class time also.

This Site

On this website you find a lot of what you need for the class.  This page gives an overview of the class.  There are pages for the calendar, class documents and resources.  The site navigation is on the left.  My contact info is below.

Contact Information

The best way to reach me is by email.  During the school day i check my school email regularly.  At nights and weekends I don't.  If you are using the school gmail to compose a email make sure you are sending it to me Mark Carrara and NOT Mark O'gawa. I do check my personal email several times a day when not at school.  I am setting up a special number I can receive texts, It will be published here as soon as it is ready.

  • name  -  Mark Carrara
  • school email  -  mcarrara@abhs.k12.nm.us 
  • personal email  -  mcarrara@northwoodscomputer.net
  • text messages  -  not available yet
  • office phone  -  505-299-9409 x612
  • office  -  second floor by the outside stairs