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July 1 2015 -  The Winner of Prabhakar Sharma Memorial Award for 'Best Bridge Player in Anushakti Nagar tournaments' is Shri Inderjit Singh. The award carries two bridge books - 'Modern Bridge Conventions - William S Root & Richard Pavlicek' and ' Card Playing Techniques - Victor Mollo & Nico Gardner'. The announcement is made on the death anniversary today of my father in whose memory the award was announced after the first such award was launched in 2013 in memory of Pandit Durga dutt Shastri.  

May 31 2015 - Cancer Website with emphasis on the body of work on breast cancer especially by Dr. Indraneel Mittra is made public today on World No Tobacco Day..
April 30 2015 Maharani Gaur (M-i-L) leaves the material world for her heavenly abode.. deep condolences..
April 30 2015 Dear Swati ties a knot with Dr. Mridul to start a new chapter in life.. Heartiest Blessings  
April 29 2015 Let Nepal rise and walk on its feet to climb the Everest  again..  
April 24 2015  Cancer Hospitals and Institutes.. National Cancer Grid of India.. (Bilingual)
April 13 2015 - Wishing Dr.  Meesha Deshpande the very best on her Birthday..
31 मार्च 2015 - मीनाकुमारी को श्रद्धांजलि स्वरूप टाटा स्मारक केद्र के ब्रैस्ट कैंसर वर्ग की लिस्ट हिंदी में उपलब्ध करवाई गई है ।
23 मार्च 2015 राष्ट्रपुत्र भगत सिंह सहित सुखदेव एवं राजगुरू कोश्रद्धांजलि

March 21 2015 Heartiest Greetings of Gudi Padwa Hindu  New Year and more Auspicious Occasions 

 Discover Sangeeta Bhatia  
Modi speaks his mind 
Obama describes his kind 
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The Battle of the Quarter Finals - Angelfire  Group A and Group B and Hundreds

March 10 2015 Many Happy Returns of the Day to Deepak Mehta and Dr. Shashank Sharma आज अचानक कविता वह फिर याद आई है..  

15 फरवरी 2015 - सोनल की शादी के कुछ फोटो उपलब्ध हैं ।
February 10 2015 Congratulations Shikha and Pravin on your marriage anniversary.. 
Many Happy Returns of the Day - Alakshendra Sharma for Birthday on February 7 2015



Abhaya Sharma

Bhagat Singh
https://sites.google.com/a/abhayasharma.net/amitabh_bachchan/Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchanhttps://sites.google.com/a/abhayasharma.net/chemistry/hgkProfessor Indraneel Mittra, FRCS



 January 25 2015 Welcome President Obama.. Greetings for Republic Day Read More

Many Happy Returns of the day to Dear Sonal for January 24 delayed by a day.. 

Anil Bharadwaj was here a couple of days ago for a couple of hours.. it was a nice pleasant surprise..

Worldwide Simultaneous Pairs ( June 7 2014) I and Rajendra Prasad took part in the second day of worldwide pairs event at Matunga Gymkhana on Saturday, June 7 2014 and finished on top in the field of 22 pairs

March 13 2014 It was a big day for me as I finally met Shri Vijay Kumar Goel and Ashok Kumar Goel at Mohanlal Bhartia Bridge tournament at Country Inn & Suites Sahibabad 

Dr. Hema Sharda is my school friend who has been recently discovered to be located at the University of Western Australia, Perth. She is Director of South Asia Relations.. 

February 9 2013 - Married to Savita for 21 years now ( A gift link to Savita's website

February 1 2013 : Global Sounds of Peace - 1.  Amitabh Bachchan interview  2.  May Peace be With you 3. Global Sounds of Peace Concert

Heartiest Best Wishes to Dear Anvita on her first birthday on September 30 2012





पिता-पुत्र - Shri Prabhakar Sharrma
 एक प्रयास पिता को प्यार 
(29 जनवरी 2010) 
Added on February 9 2011:

Today I must thank him for being the guiding light in my life..

I wish I could also be a father like him and let Amrit have a good memorable and enjoyable childhood..

He was more than once standing by my side to support me in life when he must have known that I was not right..

There could only be one way I could ever repay his contributions towards my upbringing..

Learn a few lessons to be a good father to my twelve year old son Amrit..

Thanks for being a wonderful father, Dad..

 Faiz Ahmed Faiz - Birth Centenary February 13 2011.  

68th Birthday of Brother Amitabh Bachchan.. Photographed by Amrit Sharma

The photographs taken by Master Amrit  Sharma on the first opportunity to meet Legendary Amitabh Bachchan on his 68th Birthday on October 11 2010
World Cup Cricket 2011 - Abhaya Sharma (click here)
 यह रात लेकर सुबह नई आयेगी 
 तम छट चुका होगा प्रभा फिर छायेगी
 यह ज्ञात होगा कोकिला सुर में दुबारा गायेगी
 इस धरा पर आज फिर से धुन कॊई बजायेगी
 हाथ में अपने लिये नव अस्त्र-शस्त्र
 हमसे मिलने आज फिर दुर्गा भवानी आयेगी
 शत्रुऒं का नाश कर फिर से जगत में
 नव शांति की स्थापना कर जायेगी
 हम अभय का रूप धर कर जी सकेंगें
 जितना जी चाहेगा अमृत पी सकेंगें
 स्वर्ग की हम कल्पना कर भी सकेंगें
 बन के मानव फिर से जीवन जी सकेंगें
 यह रात लेकर सुबह नई आयेगी
 तम छट चुका होगा प्रभा फिर छायेगी
 अभय शर्मा, 5 अक्टूबर 2008 09.09 घंटे

 Hear http://chirb.it/x4fHkv


A picture from his 68th Birthday taken by Amrit on October 11 2010. .

Namak Haraam
Amar Akbar Anthony
Kabhi Kabhie
Muqaddar Ka Sikandar
Kala Patthar
Kasme Vaade
Do Anjaane
Mai Azaad Hoon
Satte pe Satta
A gift for Amitabh Bachchan on his 69th Birthday
 A Gift to brother Amitabh Bachchan. We (me and Amrit) met Amitabh Bachchan on October 11 2010 and December 18 2011. Me and Savita also attended his KBC on October 10 2012. I had earlier been to and amazing Bachchan Sandhya on November 28 2009.

Abhaya Sharma

Dr. Har Gobind Khorana

Technology Review - Published by MIT 
Nirenberg, Holley and Khorana - 1968 Nobel prize winners for Physiology or Medicine 
H. Gobind Khorana inspires a sense of dedication to Scientific Research & Development. I was caught unaware when he died on November  9 2011

I have decided to devote a little more time to his kind of work though with a focus on cancer. I had once gone to meet Dr. Chakrabarti  at Kolkata as she had worked with Dr. Khorana.