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The world cup of Hockey being played in New Delhi has just two more days of the league stage of the tournament. There are thre games each to be played in either pool with pool B almost decided on its semifinalists with England already there and Australia to be the other probable contender unless they loose very badly to Pakistan and Spain beats England by a huge margin.. either of the two events looks almost unlikely to start with.. I know that it is going to be Australia for sure who would be fighting out for the knock-out stage of the tournament.. it may also end up on top of the group if England looses.. if they do loose it would be the wrong time to start loosing in the tournament for they would then have to face the top team from the pool A which in all likelihood is going to be the Netherlands.. unless they too loose by a huge margin to Korea.. again an improbable thought..
I know Netherlands has already secured their place amongst semifinalists.. in that pool it is not as easy as the pool B to pick the second semifinalist.. it could be Germany given the fact that they have a slightly less formidable opponent in ew Zealanad than Korea who have to battle out against the pool topper Netherlands on the last league day that is tomorrow..
Coming to India and its chances of improving their world ranking in the world cup and in the World Hockey it would be interesting to see how well do they play against one of the lowlying South Africans who however did cause an insignificant minor coup beating the Pakistan the other day.. India looks less likely to loose to them.. in fact if India wins by a margin good enough and England does not manipulate their Spanish game and tries to play their natural game and beat Spain India in fact might stand a chance to finish third in the pool if they could narrow down their goal difference.. the only way for doing so would be to first cover up for the current goal difference to be + 1 goal assuming Spain looses by the smallest margin of 1-0 or thereabouts like 2-1,3-2 or 4-3.. The current goal difference for India is -4 and that equates to a minimum goal difference of 5 as they win against South Africans- a tall order yet not impossible the task may be simplified further if England does go on to beat Spain more convincingly.. so it depends as much on the English-Spanish encounter.. that whether India could still finish third in the group B.. I would pray that it does happen that way.. Third best team in the group would mean meeting either Germany or Korea in the race for fifth and sixth place in the world cup 2010..

The games today may not have much at stake for the top two teams in the pool B yet the two games featuring India and Spain would be watched eagerly by all Indian supporters..

The games tomorrow are going to be far more interesting as the race there is quite open.. One can not rule out New Zealand completely.. if they beat Germany convincingly and Netherlands too beat Korea.. the kiwis can definitely be in along with the Netherlands.. so it is going to be a three way fight for the almost lone viable spot.. unless Netherlands succumb to Korea quite badly and Germany gives a drubbing to the Kiwis.. tomorrow would definitely and decisively be an interesting day of the tournament.. that it is the last day of the group stage makes it all the more attractive..


I predict That Netherlands and Germany qualify from group A.. England and Australia manage to storm into the semifinals.. A1, A2 may be more difficult to decide than B1, B2 in all probabilities it would be England who would top the pool B.. given the kind of performance I would also give a fair edge to Netherlands to be A1 than being A2..  So we could expect that Netherlands and Australia play each other and England has to face Germany in the other semifinal.. if this were true we could expect another game between teams from pool B.. and this time Australia would prefer not to loose to England..


Abhaya Sharma

March 8 2010 Afternoon before the day's matches ...


  • The World cup of Hockey began with the first match between South Africa and Spain at Major Dhyanchand National Stadium, New Delhi India on February 28, 2010.
  • The first game of the world cup 2010 was played between South Africa and Spain. Spain won by 4 goals to 2.
  • The next game was played between England and Australia. England defeated probable winners Australia by 3 goals to 2 by causing the first upset of the tournament.
  • It was however the turn of the host India to finish the day on top of the charts on day one when they beat Pakistan by a convincing 4-1 margin thus ending up on the top of the table on day 1 of the games. Sandeep Singh scored twice whereas Shivendra and Prabhjot scored one goals each
  • On the next day New Zealand beat Canada by 3-2; Germany drew with Korea 2-2 and Netherlands beat Argentina by 3-0.  
  • Shivendra Singh has been served a two game ban following representation after intitial three match ban by tournament director. It means he would not be seen in action against Australia and Spain..
  • Today India play the mighty Australia without Shivendra Singh.. my best wishes for team India to cause the major upset by either beating them or even holding them for a draw..
  • India lost badly to Australia by a margin of five goals to their two, Australia climb to second spot and Pakistan win their first game against Spain and South Africa losing to England in a high scoring match of the tournament.

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