This website on Cybersecurity is now dedicated to Alan Turing who would have been Hundred years old if he lived today.. Turing may have died physically on June 7 1954 yet he logically lives amongst us through his immense impact defining work in the field of Computer Science.. he is often called father of Modern Computer Sciences.. 

I am happy to note that I started taking interest in computer from the very beginning in my career.. we Had first introduction of Computer programming in Training school.. Fortran, Pascal, Basic, C, Prolog were some of the languages I learned during my initial days (1981-1986) .. later I also used AUTOCAD, DBASEIII, Wordstar, Wordperfect, Excel, Access.. I also learned  about expert systems, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, LISP at preliminary yet useful levels.. (1986-1988). 

In my second phase I mostly used Access, turbo prolog, C, C++, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, XML and introductory Java and took some deep interest in web designing.. I had also learned about various operating systems including preliminary working knowledge of UNIX. I had my first proper website when I discovered about lycos site and was http://www.angelfire.com/ab/abhayasharma.  I also had interactions with my nephew at University of washington at Seattle where he had enrolled for Ph.D in Computer Science after B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Delhi, M.Tech from Indian Institute of Science Bangalore and a short span work at Akamai in Singapore.. I remember we used to interact through Gopher service when I was still in BARC and was maintaining htmsmet account for emails of metallurgy division.. I also used the initial text based internet services much before the advent of proper Internet.. that was before netscape navigator came on the scene.. Nitin later joined Yahoo (superstar 2005) and subsequently google and is now working with groupon.. recently he was mentioned on Wall Street Journal in connection with groupon turning down 6 bn dollar offer from google after a jawdropping presentation by Nitin.. 

I also had some sites associated with a couple of my yahoo accounts.. HTML, DHTML, basic Javascript and CSS were also used. the use of WYSIWYG  editor from Microsoft - Frontpage was the next major halt.. these efforts ensured that I was designated webmaster, BRIT and later also appointed as Chief Information Security Officer for BRIT.. It is with the second post that I am going to try to do some possible justice here on this website.. 

I have decided to make computer science and especially information secuirty as my next best object of deeper learning and I have decided to take enough interest to also master the networking knowledge to an extent that it helps one understand the mechanism of cyber attacks.. and thus work strategies to minimise their occurrences.. May the world be free of unnecessary and unethical cyberwarfare.. that alone would be the biggest tribute to the father of Computer Science..