Hindu College, Delhi University

Here I would like to thank some of my lecturers who taught me Chemsity during the three years of B.Sc. Honsours degree..
1. Dr. K.P. Sarabhai, Organic Chemitry (3rd year)
2. Dr. S.S. Mehra, Organic Chemistry (3rd year)
3. Dr. S.K. Mathur, Organic Chemistry (2nd year)
4. Dr. H.R. Sharma, Organic Chemistry (1st year)
5. Dr. R.R. Mishra, Physical Chemistry (1st 2nd and 3rd year)
6. Dr. B.P. Gupta, Inorganic Chemistry (2nd and 3rd Year)
7. Dr. K.L. Kapoor, Physical Chemistry (3rd Year)
8. Dr. A.C. Handa, Inorganic Chemistry (1st year)
9. Dr. S.K. Jain, Physical Chemistry (did not teach us)
10. Dr. N.D. Sharma, Organic Chemistry (2nd year)
11. Dr. V.M. Mishra, Physics
12. Dr. S.K. Vyas, Librarian
13. Dr. B.M. Bhatia, Principal
In the M.Sc. Chemistry the following professors taught us.
1. Dr. A.C. Jain, Organic Chemistry
2. Dr. S.S. Chibber, Organic Chemistry
3. Dr. S. Nagraj, Organic Chemistry
4. Dr. G.B.V. Subramaniam, Organic Chemistry
5. Dr. M.K. Murti, Organic Chemistry
6. Dr. V.M. Khanna, Physical Chemistry
7. Dr. V.V.S. Murthy, Radiation Chemistry
8. Dr. H.B. Singh, Inorganic Chemistry
9. Dr. M.K. Parthasarthy, Organic Chemistry
10. Dr. S.R. Gupta Organic Chemistry
11. Dr. M. Atreyi, Physical Chemistry
12. Dr. S.K. Sindwani, Inorganic
13. Dr. R.C. Mehrotra, Inorganic
14. Dr. Amarnath Maitra, Inorganic
15. Dr. V.S. Ahluwalia, Organic
16. Dr. Ashru Kumar Banerjee, Physical
17. Dr. Alok Banerjee, Physical
18. Dr. N.K. Ray, Physical
19. Dr. Rao, Physical
20. Dr. H.K. Gaur, Physical
21. Dr. Kaushik, Inorganic
22. Dr. K.V. Sane, Physical
23. Dr. S.S. Kapoor, Physical
24. Dr. C.K. Mehta, Organic Demonstrator
I might be forgetting a few names here.. please excuse me.. the ones I may not have remembered..
Some of the batchmates at Hindu College during Chemistry Honours are as follows:
1. Ajay Chhabra
2. Sushil Chugh
3. Ajay K. Dhir
4. Sandeep Jain
5. Vinay Mudgal
6. R. Sitaraman
7. Kavitha Murthy
8. N. Malathi
9. Sanjiv Kapur
10. Tulsi Kumar Balani
11. Piyush Gupta
12. Sharad Agrawal
13. Ashok Jain
14. Sunil Sharma
15. Ashwini Bhasin
16. Shyam Raj Tyagi
17. Vinod Kumari Gautam
18. Rashmi Mediratta
19. Vinod Malhotra (left for BITS)
20. Avinash Malhotra (BITS second sem.)
21. Uppinder Pal Singh Jassal (left for NDA)
22. Shammi Bhatia (moved to Miranda House)
23. Ujay Bheenick
24. Parthasarathy Choudhary
25. Joe Thomas
26. P. Prasad (Initials could be wrong, from Bihar, IAS )
27. U.B. Singh (initials could be wrong, from Bihar)
28. Rajiv Bhandari (school friend who joined Hindu College with me but left for BITS, Pilani)
I also remember Anjan Chatterjee and Bhism Singh who were our seniors in chemistry department.. then there were some students from Hindu Colleges's various streams I knew Praveen Kumar (known as Punjab Singh from KV Delhi cantt, who was a very dear friend and had canvassed for him for Prime Minister of College in 2nd year he got almsot all the votes from Chemistry and Physics department but did not muster enough support from his own sociology and other departments) , Punjab Singh was the goal keeper and captain of the Hindu Hockey team, I did come to know that he had joined BSF.. Ausim Khetrapal, Tennis player (he produced and acted in a film on Shirdi ke Sai Baba), Vinod Dua (debator a prominet TV news anchor known for Janvani), Dharmendra Singh (blind debator), Sagari Chhabra, English department and Hemalata Sharma (from my school, Physics Hons.) and above all the cricket star Sunil Valson (KV Faridabad, and member of the 1983 world cup winning team, he did not get a chance to play for India is something I can never really understand!). I have vague rememberance of Subir Gupta the other pace bowler and wicketkeeper was he Sandeep Chawla don't remember the name right.. Of course I was much more close to Tilak Raj Sharma who was an excellent all-rounder.. I especially loved his fielding and batting.. and since I knew him I could one day sneak into the pavilion of Ferozeshah Kotla where  the Indian team for Australia was having a practice match with under 22 team.. it was here that I met Kapil Dev for the first time and my most favourite Indian batsman Gundappa Viswanath amongst others like Yashpal Sharma, Roger Binny, Madan Lal etc. Ravi Shastri was practicing in the field and I had told Tilak raj.. that the lanky fellow would make good name for himself (without having known or meeting him..) I had also told Tilak raj that he was bound to be famous for some record in his name.. it is sad that he is known as the bowler who was hoisted by Ravi Shastri for six sixes in an over while he was playing for Baroda and Shastri for Mumbai.. it was only the second time after Gary Sobers.. now of course there are more names added to that list like Yuvraj Singh and Herschelle Gibbs and one Zimbabwean player, sorry buddy I don't remember your name right away..
These were then some of the names that automatically come to my mind.. some of the best times were supporting Hindu college cricket team especially against in matches against St. Stephens.. I missed Hari Gidwani.. I never interacted with him but had often seen him in the corridors and on cricket field.. Arun lal, Piyush Pandey (WK) and Kirti Azad were the cricketers from St. Stephens whom I knew by face.. and had liked Kirti Azad's valiant knock in a final when Valson had taken 9 wickets and his team had lost inspite of his well compiled hundred as wickets kept falling on the other end..
I am afraid my Chemistry is heavily laced with cricket in particular.. I was very fond of Amitabh Bachchan right from the times I saw Anand as a student in Port Blair and had seen some of his important films and still had not seen Sholay, Deewaar and Zanjeer for quite some time.. I saw Deewar at Amba for the first time during M.Sc. and Sholay at Maratha Mandir after coming to Bombay.. yet I had seen Do Anjane, Mr. Natwar Lal, Khoon Pasina, Hera Pheri, Don (twice at bangalore during NDA's SSB interview), Besharam,Namak Haraam, Adalat, Kabhi Kabhie, Laawaris, Muqaddar ka Sikandar, Kasme Vaade, Amar Akbar Anthony, Trishul all in theatre besides many more on Television like Abhimaan, Chupke Chupke, Sholay, Deewar and Zanjeer.. so now chemistry is also linked with cinema..
At Hindu I was playing good amount of table tennis, chess and carrom in the common room.. the table tennis room was quite small and the table was almost put across the diagonal one hardly had any space to play from base.. there was hardly any space.. I developed the game close to the table and mainly back hand return and tossed up service were the main weapons.. I was good at placements.. diagonal service and even backhand smashes.. I had real poor forehand which was developed only after coming to Bombay.. However.. I did win at table Tennis at BRIT for several years and during practice games did once beat the then BARC champion, Dilip kumar of radiometallurgy division.. I think a bit of Bombay has also been embraced here..
I must add that I did come to BARC immediately after the M.Sc. and before I conclude this page I must also share some of the friends from the M.Sc. days who were not part of my Chemistry Hons. list - it includes some seniors too.. some of whom were also part of BARC..
Malini Rajgopalan was my closest friend or rather girl friend.. more of her and the friends in a while..
Prakah D Hirani a close pal during M.Sc. days had switched from Ramjas to Hindu College during M.Sc. days.. Anuradha Sanyal was another friend from M.Sc. days besides severl others.. since Prakash has rightly objected to his name being not here..  have made a small correction here the list above was from Hindu College friends frm B.Sc. Hons. alone.. and I had not come to this page after the last line which ended with Malini Rajgopalan..  Prakash Hirani is among all time great friends even if he did not find a place in the first list.. he is working for National Thermal Power Corporation in a senior position..
I am afraid I would have to restrict myself to this list for the time being.. there were nearly 150 students during M.Sc. days and if I can not really remember some of the names of some very good friends it would be a dishonour to them.. yet whenever I talk of non-Hindu college friends Malini Rajopalan would always be followed by Prakash Hirani and Anuradha Sanyal.. Rajiv Bhargava, Madan Sharma and Atanu Banerjee were three close friends from St. Stephens..
More later
Abhaya Sharma
Post Script : The page has been updated at 22.00 of December 12 2011 and at the behest of a call from the dear friend Prakash D Hirani.. who had also attended the BARC interview and had stayed with me at BARC Trg. chool Hostel at 7-A.. he did not want to join BARC then as he was keen on doing M.Tech from IIT Delhi.. before he joined NTPC.. I am sure we would be meeting very shortly and I can offer personal apology to him..