Har Gobind Khorana

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1968 (along with Robert W Holley and Marshall W Nirenberg)

National Medal of Science 1987

A Conversation with Uttam RajBhandary

हर गोबिंद खोराना की

मै कथा सुनाने आया हूं


वैज्ञानिक पहचान कराने

दर्शन से अवगत करवाने

गूढ़ विषय के पंडित से

मैं तुम्हें मिलाने आया हूं


कहां कोई भी भूल सकेगा

क्या काम आये गोबिंद खोराना

था सिखा दिया विज्ञान जगत को

डीएनऎ से कैसे है प्रॊटीन बनाना


कई बरसों तक लगे रहे

तुम शालाओं में डटे रहे

रसायनों के उलट फेर में

या जीव शास्त्र के नये क्षेत्र में


हिन्दुस्तानी धरती पर ही जन्म लिया था   

पर विदेश में जाकर तुमने शोध किया था

लीवरपूल, कैम्ब्रिज, वैंकोवर विसकंसिन की

इन प्रयोगशालाओं में कितना काम किया था


धन्य परिश्रम अनन्य श्रम से ज्ञात हुआ था

प्रोटीन का डीएनऎ से कैसे सृजन है होता

रसायनिक जैविक शास्त्रों के अध्येता का

नोबल देकर इस जग ने सम्मान किया था ।


अभय शर्मा

वैबमास्टर, ब्रिट ।

2 जनवरी  2012

It is quite unfortunate that I have come to learn of the death of Professor Har Gobind Khorana, a good one and half month after November 9 2011.. (11/9/2011) the man who cracked the genetic code along with Holley and Nirenberg passed away after a scientific career that spanned nearly for seven long decades.. he was awarded Nobel Prize in  Physiology or Medicine in 1968 for his seminal work on synthesis of nucleotides which paved the way for deciphering the genetic code or telling how the triplet codons got translated into specific amino acid..
KHORANA PROGRAM - Indo US Science & Technology Forum (IUSSTF)
 Professor Har Gobind Khorana was born on January 9 1922 (1/9/1922) in Raipur district of undivided India.. he graduated from Punajb University Lahore and later worked at Liverpool for his doctoral work.. he later moved to Wisconsin where he worked on cracking of the genetic code by synthesising sequences of oligonucleotides that led to elucidation of the mechanism whereby the message stored in DNA was transcribed into mRNA and subsequently into amino acid sequence of protein encoded by the gene..
The monumental work is considedred one of the best in molecular biology ever since the structure of DNA was established by Watson and Crick.. It is somewhat ironic that I have had an opportunity to have met and heard both James Watson and Francis Crick on their visit to Bhabha Atomic Research Centrre and Tata Insitute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) ..
Har Gobin Khorana - e notes
Har Gobind Khorana  Answers.com
 There are a couple of highly interesting stories associated with Dr. Har Gobind Khorana.. During my exploration of his work I came across one Dr. Parul Chakrabarti of Bose Institute of Science, Kolkata (Then Calcutta).. realising that I may never ever get a chance to meet him I thought why not go and meet her in Kolkata.. and one fine day I did pack off for Kolkata and had told office that I was going home.. I did go and meet her and she was a bit surprised that I should have atleast informed her of my coming.. she meant she could have been out of town.. more interesting part of that trip is that during my stay at Kolkata people at home had called up my office and when told that I had gone home they were taken by a bigger surprise as they had no idea of my whereabouts.. one of the brother had rushed to Mumbai (then Bombay) to find out more about my whereabouts and he learned that I had withdrawn money from PF before leaving.. poeple thought that someone has either killed me for money or I had gone into some bad trip resulting into my death.. so when I did reach Bareilly after my Kolkata and later Allahabad trips I was in for a surprise.. I could not imagine what was the reason of the jopy of my cousin Pankaj that why everyone was so happy of my visit to Bareilly.. as was customary for me on every trip to Bareilly soon after enetring the small bylane that led to our house at Kali Bari.. I would announce my arrival to Pankaj who stayed in the first of the four housesof the complex belonging to the four brothers of my father (him included).. when I uttered Pankaj.. I had no inkling why I should have thrilled him more than any of my previous visits.. He had come rushing out and announced to the whole complex Guddu aa gaya.. Guddu aa gaya..it was only on later deliberations that I realised the reason of the great joy surrounding my arrival.. everyone was so happy to see me alive..
The other story about Professor Khirana has to do with one of our organic chemistry professor Dr. M.K. Murti.. incidentally it was Dr. Murti who was selected by Delhi University ahead of Dr. Khorana in 1948 or somtimes around that.. there used to be stories doing rounds in the campus that Dr. Murti used to tell people- Had he been rejected by DU he would have got nobel prize.. as if the rejection of Dr. Khorana in some ways was responsible for his winning the highest scientific award.. however Dr. Murti was  a sharp brain.. we used to just amaze when he would scribble down the total sysnthesis of cholesterol that had as many as 30 steps from memory.. without referring to his notes even once.. more important was the fact that Dr. Murti had strong ears.. it was impossible to make a prxy call in his class as he had stored the voice samples of all of us 60 students.. and could tell immediately if the guy who called yes sir was actually present.. after a few trials by some of us we stopped making proxies in his class.. such were the professors who taught me chemistry at Delhi University.. more of them shall definitely follow..
and third story about him relates to brother Alok.. he was very fond of chemistry, biology and genetics and in fact he was responsible for inducting my interests into Dr. Khorana.. it seems he was very keen to do science like him.. he was my teacher for organic chemistry at home and if I did do well and finally managed to do a post graduation it was he who did nod in the affirmative for me to go ahead with M.Sc. degreee.. little would he have known then that I would one day be writing an account of Dr. har Gobind Khorana here and acknowledge his contribution to introduce me to the world's great biological chemist.. no wonder Dr. Khorana was teaching at both Chemistry as well Biology departments of MIT..
More of him shall follow later.. yet I must say that I had celebrated many of Dr. Khorana's birthdays on January 9.. if some day I could write a review article on his works would be a greater satisfaction..
Abhaya Sharma May 7 2011.