Bhabha Atomic Research Centre or BARC remains my entry point to the deeper world of Chemistry..
I Joined BARC in August 1981 as a trainee nuclear scientist (Chemistry) in the Silver Jubilee Batch of BARC training school.. it was after one year that I joined the corrosion and electrometallurgy section of the erstwhile Metallurgy division. with Dr. P.R. Roy as the head of the division..
The first and foremost I must allow you to know how my 15 minutes interview in June 1981 had earned me the second highest grade for the selection of the trainees for Chemistry at BARC training school.. Dr. A.M. George, Dr. Manohar, Dr. Dharwadkar and Dr. Reddy were some of the members of the committee.. I was not asked much of my major specialisation i.e. Organic chemistry.. and I had offered them to ask on any subject including nuclear chemistry.. Much of the questions were then asked by Dr. Manohar who seemed very enthusiastic.. when I casually asked the committee of possible time when I could know the result Dr. Manohar had said go back early to come back early.. I had little realised then that I was through and indeed withion a week of my reaching Delhi did I receive a confirmation of my selection to be amongst the 23 chemistry trainees..
The one year period at BARC training school was probably not very well utilised by me.. it was a hectic schedule of being trained in literally hundreds of  disciplines in different branches of Chemistry.. I would say it was one of the best training program that I had attended.. I did not do as per the expectations of some of my seniors and teachers..
Teachers at the BARC training school -
1. Dr. A.M. George - Course Co-ordinator
2. Dr. D.D. Sood - Radiochemistry
3. Dr. P.S. Ramanathan - Analytical Chemistry
4. Dr. R.K. Iyer - Statistics - Analytical Chemistry
5. Dr. P.K. Mathur - Water Chemistry
6. Dr. S.R. Dharwarkar - Thermodynamics
7. Dr. Satya Prakash - Radiochemistry
8. Dr. Deoki Nandan - Analytical Chemistry
9. Dr. R.P. Patel - Chemistry Division
10. Dr. A.V.R. Reddy - Radiochemistry Division (Now Head Analytical Chemistry Division)
11. Dr. Kelkar (Mathematics, Chemistry Division)
12. Dr. M.G. Ramchandani (Mathematics, Chemistry Division)
13. Dr. P.N. Murthi (Radiation Chemistry)
14. Late Dr. Tarun Dutta (Radiochemistry)
15. Dr. Ravindran (Thermal Analysis)
16. Dr. V.K. Mago (Chemistry)
17. Dr. S.P. Patil (Radiochemistry)
18. Dr. Richard D'Souza (Qunatum Mechanics)
19. Dr. Pushpa Ananthraman (QM)
20. Kuldeep Singh (QM and Spectroscoy)
21. G. Singh (Electronics)
22. T.A. Subramaniam (Mathematics, Computer Programming)
23. Dr. Mohan Krishna (Mathematics)
24. Dr. D. Padmanabhan (Analytical Chemistry)
25. Dr. Patankar (Analytical Chemistry)
26. Dr. Shrivastav (Analytical Chemistry)
27. Dr. K.K. Damodaran (head Training School)
28. Dr. M.P. Navalkar (head Training School)
29. Dr. S. Chattopadhyay (Thermodynamics)
30. Dr. Sundaresan (Electrochemistry)
31. Dr. M. Shankar Das (Analytical Chemistry)
32. Dr. S.B. Manohar (Radiochemistry)
33. Alok Chakrabarti
25th Batch of Chemistry at BARC Training School (23 students had joined)
1. Bhupendra Singh Tomar (Head, RACD, BARC)
2. Manmohan Kumar
3. Vinay Kumar Bhatia
4. Akshay Nayak
5. M. Vanavaramban
6. Lalit Varshney (Head, RTDD, BARC)
7. U.B. Pavanaja
8. D. Karunasagar 
9. Sudhir Kapur
10. Chintamani Das 
11. Vijay Kumar Agrawal
12. Jayesh G. Shah
13. N.D. Mathur
14. Sitaram Dash
15. S.B. Sabharwal
16. C. Mallika
17. Subhash Tripathi
18. Raj Mangal Tripathi
19. M. Ramanamurthi
20. V.R. Rosemary
21. K.G.B. Sharma (Died in a road accident)
22. Haldhar Naik
23. Abhaya Sharma
( Alok Shrivastav was also joining the classes with us.. probably he was doing Ph. D. with Dr. Satya Prakash)
Besides these batchmates I was also interacting with some of the 24th batch Chemistry and friends from Delhi University..
1. Malwinder Pal Singh (Canada)
2. N. Balachander (US)
3. Rakesh Sharma (US)
4. S.K. Negi (US)
5. Nalinish Nagaich (ED, NPCIL)
6. Pramod Sharma ( was actually with Bharat Petroleum)
7. Randeep Singh (UDCT Matunga)
8. D.N. Panda (UDCT Matunga)