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Respected Brother

Sadar Charan Sparsh

Oh.. what a great thesis on religion speak from someone as illustrious in the clarity of your mind.. not all are blessed to take a course so balanced and emphasize of what exists in the form of religion..

It is indeed a difficult task to believe than to argue that religion has been the guiding force in the lives of hundreds of billions.. which god.. which religion or which way to practice it is best left to the individual.. yet the diversities in religion unify in one major concept.. the peace.. peace shall prevail upon the humankind alone must have been the initial major task of religions to surface in the first place.. it is not a simple task to understand why religion has been such a strong a social force as it actually is.. suffice it to conclude that religion of one kind or the other shall always remain with us for years to come..

I am not an atheist so to say.. I am not a great proponent of furthering any specific religion or the cult or whatever the followers of a particular religion may want to ascribe themselves to.. for me the love of man by man.. the chance of peace to prevail and harmony amongst several diverse ethnic kinds on this earth survives remain a commitment.. I do not know if merely saying these words here could in any one way support the humanity in the first place.. one has to be an Amitabh Bachchan to have a social impact.. it was with this thought in mind that I had initiated a request unto you the other day top promote peace harmony and brotherhood.. and you have been doing exceptionally well..

There are talks of Sachin Tendulkar being conferred with a Bharat Ratna.. he richly deserves it.. he has done enough good to cricket to be granted the highest award.. yet he alone should not be the only one who deserves it and bestowed the award.. if the Bharat Ratna comes for him it should automatically come for you brother.. who has contributed immensely to the Hindi cinema and its furtherance in the wrold around us.. it should be conferred upon Shri Anna Hazare the real Mahatma of modern times who has selflessly promoted the interests in good governance of the country  and maybe to a lesser extent even the proponent of Yoga in this country in the recent times.. The Baba Ramdev.. there would be several other cases who could justifiably be considered for the award posthumously as well.. Munshi Premchand for one Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay for another and even Jagjit Singh for his Ghazal gayaki.. If I continue to write little more I would be able to suggest many more names who richly deserve to be amongst the recipients of the highest civilian award.. yet for the time being I would request the government to consider atleast two others as and when they announce the award for sachin Tendulkar and the two names shortlisted from the above include - Brother Amitabh Bachchan the living legend of Hindi Cinema and Shriman Anna Hazare the sparkling social worker of the country.. and I again repeat I have nothing against the Bharat Ratna for Sachin Tendulkar who has served Indian interests in cricket.. even though he was  a part of the 8-0 drubbing the Indian team got in its two last overseas test series in England and Austrlaia.. his role as a model modern cricketer has to be seen with a holistic view and his stupendous hundred hundreds in International cricket amply demonstrate his being deserving of being conferred with a Bharat Ratna.. Full stop..

Love Affection and Respect


March 22 2012