Coates Bluff Greenway Project

Recent Actions:

  • Met with Vintage Realty, developers of Riverscape on the possibility of the greenway skirting the edge of the development.  David Alexander said he was open to the possibility and would talk to his partners about it.
  • Sent letter describing proposal to Mike Strong, head of Department of Operational Services.  Mike Strong responded that the idea was intriguing and said he forwarded it to Shelly Reagle, head of SPAR.
  • Performed reconnaissance of terrain; took pictures and noted route possibilities
  • Obtained map of sewer right of way indicating much of route would be on publicly owned land
  • Currently drafting wording of project description and potential partner profiles for flier that would publicize and promote project
Upcoming: We are holding walking tour of the site Saturday, October 3rd, led by Jon Soul, outdoor educator at Montessori School for Shreveport, and with Jeff Girard, state archeologist for our region, and a professor at Northwestern Louisiana State University.  Join us!

9AM The Montessori School for Shreveport (front parking lot)

9:10 Overview of Coates Bluff history & Greenway project (maps/handouts provided)

9:30 Walking tour of existing bayou trail

10:00 Drive to Valencia Rec Center picnic shelter (refreshments/restrooms provided)

10:15 Walking tour of Coates Bluff

11:15 Return to shelter – discuss next steps & further information sharing

1l:30 Leave as needed



Coates Bluff Trail’s significance could be ecological, historical and educational

Greenway – the ecological and environmental aspect

  • Identify the property owners and seek partnership
  • Propose a specific Right of Way
  • Seek funding with 501(3)c  and tax free exchanges of property
  • Seek security and maintenance from city and SPAR
  • Identify “Coates Bluff” historical context
  • Allow students (elem and secondary) to with identify with the benefits
  • Link to the mission of Shreveport Green (i.e. Nature education)

Coates Bluff and cemeteries – Historical aspect

  • Identify the Coates Bluff area and historic context
  • Propose a State historical marker for the two cemeteries
  • Seek funds and recognition from State and local tourism boards

Transit route – biking and hiking trail aspect

  • Connect to roadways that link all campuses to downtown
  • Integrate into SPORTRAN transport system
  • Seek funding from city-state-fed for enviro quality $$
  • State mission as an alternate transportation venue
  • Identify “Coates Bluff” historical context