Whole School Policies and Information

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Whole School Policies and Information

1. Guiding Statements on Website

2. Administration and Contact Information
  • Admissions Policy for New Students (En) (Es)
  • Calendar, Communication & Email (En) (Es)
  • Dress Code for Teaching Staff (En) (Es)
  • Evaluation and Retention of Staff: (En) (Es)
  • On Site Medical and First Aid Policy(En) (Es)
  • Policy on Policies with review dates (En) (Es)
  • Staff Telephone Extensions
  • Strategic Plan 2015-2018 (En) (Es)
3. Learning and Teaching
  • Academic Honesty Policy (En) (Es)
  • Assessment Principles: (En) (Es)
  • Bring Your Own Device: (En) (Es)
  • Global Citizenship and Equality (En) (Es)
  • Group Work and Cooperative Learning: (En) (Es)
  • ICT Technology development 
  • ICT Vision & Acceptable Use Policy (En)(Es)
  • Language Policy: (En) (Es)
  • Learning Definition (Whole school) (En) (Es)
  • Learning & Teaching Principles: (En) (Es)
  • Learning Support Information  (En)  (Es)
  • Learning Support Referral Procedures  En & Es
  • Presentation Guidelines: (En) (Es)
4. Safeguarding and Child Protection
 5. Promoting Good Behaviour and Life styles
6. Appraisal and Performance Management

    Access and Systems
    Professional Development Resources

    Online Training Providers

    Face to Face Training Providers