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This year's Video Awards will be held on the 18th May at 6:00 pm and videos MUST be submitted by April 29th.

  • The video cannot be longer than  2 minutes 30 seconds. Even 1 second longer will not be acceptable.
  • Let us know if you plan to participate by April 9th by completing this form.
  • If there are submissions from Upper Primary and Secondary in any of the categories below, then we will split each category into two.
  • Students may submit videos produced as part of their coursework, as well as movies created in their own time.
  • The video file must be labelled with the title and the names of those submitting it and a message sent to one or more of the organisers, who are Ms Garcia, Mr. Martinez, Ms Serrano, Ms Martinez.
  • Teachers may also nominate ANY video that has the potential to compete in any given category.  
    Descriptions of each category are detailed below.
  • Do not submit videos that contain real names of actors either in the video or the credits as these cannot be uploaded to the Playlists.
  • Remember: All Videos MUST be submitted by April 29
There are categories for: 

  1. Best Music Video

  2. Best Short Film

  3. Best Trailer

  4. Best Animation

  5. Best Advertisement

  6. Best Parody

These will be Chosen by the DVA Committee, based on Community Votes

  • Best Performance
  • Movie of the Year

  • Criteria For Judges

    1. Camera work is steady, a variety of shots and movement techniques have been used where applicable.

    2. Sound, dialogue or narration is clear and audible.  It helps establish a mood for the video, and is a good fit.

    3. The video's topic is relevant and made obvious to the viewer; it must be informative, accurate, succinct, and engage the viewer's attention.

    4. Creative use of lighting, props and special effects may be used to enhance the content of the video.

    5. Titles and credits are used  to acknowledge the work of all individuals involved in the production, as well as the copyright holders (owners/producers/artists) of any other media which was used, such as video clips, still pictures, information/research and music.

    When completed, videos can be
    • uploaded to a cloud storage service like Google Drive, or Dropbox
    • be uploaded to YouTube
    • be brought in on a usb flash drive 
    • put onto a DVD.
    • placed in "Students" on the *Storage server

    *Storage Location


    • Once you have done one of the above, please inform an organiser so they can download your video.  If you want help submitting your video, please ask one of the organisers.
    • All submissions will be added by the organisers to the LRC Youtube DVA playlists and made public. 
    What is a Music Video?
    A music video is a short film which is the integration of a recorded popular song, and is accompanied by imagery, dancing which involve interpretations of the lyrics.

    What is a Short Film?
    A short film is traditionally defined as a film shorter than 40 minutes, but for our purposes it will refer to films longer than 1 minute but shorter than 2. Short films may be documentaries, or older films or nostalgia films, they can also be comedies. 
    Any film that does not fit in the other categories be nominated in in the short film category this year.
    Here are two examples of Short Noir films from DVA 2015.

    What is a Trailer?  

    A trailer is a short, edited preview for a long-feature film that will be shown in the near future.  At school we use the term Trailer more broadly, and have included books, events, and even school installations in our movie-trailer productions. See more examples here

    What is an Animation?
    This is the technique of photographing successive drawings or positions of puppets or models to create an illusion of movement when the movie is shown as a sequence.  Your animation will show a series of still pictures in rapid succession.  
    Other types of animation include stop-motion, 2D cel-animation, roto-scoping, pixilation, clay/sand animation, stamp animation, paint on glass and many other experimental types.  For the purposes of the ABC Video Awards, all types of animation will be acceptable. 
    Many computer applications are not free but Blender is.
    See more examples here

    What is an Advertisement?
    An advertisement is geared towards selling a product, a business, a service or even entertainment.  Advertisements are paid for by the company which markets the product, and are notorious for using catchphrases, repetitions to grab the audience's attention in a short length of time.    
    They usually last anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute and use this time to explain and/or demonstrate the product, using new, eye-catching methods.  See some examples here.

    What is a Parody
    (Some students have done a unit on commercial parody - remind yourself here if necessary.) 
    We are looking for short films which are parodies. These could focus on characters, plot lines or anything else and include a wide genre of films such as remixes, animations, trailers, advertisements, film noir etc.  Each film should be a parody and be fun to watch.  

    An Example  

    Embed gadget


    The 1st prize winners in each category will be recognised on the evening of the event and receive a commemorative ABC DVA Award marking their achievement in media production in the respective category. 

    The Grand Prize winner will also receive a special ABC DVA Award marking their outstanding achievement in media production.

    The achievements of all winners will be written up in the ABC Newsletter and will be published along with the other winning movies on various ABC social media sites.