Main Hall & Parish Room
£16* per hour (any use)
  • *with immediate effect (from 14 July 2016) for new hires. The hourly fee will rise for exisiting Regular Users on 1 Jan 2017.
  • An extra charge of £10 per hour is made when alcohol is to be consumed (because of the increased risks and cleaning). The Committee's only pre-approved provider for bar services is the Quicksilver Mail (01935 474721), other providers will require prior Committee approval and conditions may be set.
  • The trustees give a £5 per hour discount to registered charities and may extend this to other users providing a service which is in line with ACA's charitable purposes. 
  • Regular Users can pay by Standing Order to receive a £2.50 per hour discount which may, at the Committee's discretion, be extended to cover additional ad hoc hires of either room by that user.
  • Both discounts can apply together.