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Bachche Mann Ke Sachche (BMKS)


To identify children who do not get a chance to attend schools and provide them with educational opportunities. Through this project we intend to reach and support the children from economically weaker section of the society thereby giving them an opportunity to get education.


  • Identify children who are not going to school due to family’s economic condition.
  • Admit those children to near by Government or Government aided school.
  • Target children in the age group of 6 to 16 i.e. from Std. 1 to 10.
  • Monitor their performance quarterly and take appropriate actions to improve non performing children
  • Ensure continuation of their education (till 10th Std.)

Present Situation

There are many children in our society who are deprived of education. Parents cannot afford the cost of education and hence, these children don’t get a chance to go to schools. The most disheartening thing is that these kids have to work at a young age while ideally, they should be accumulating all the knowledge they can.

 What we don't want to happen
 What we intend to do
Childhood is a mirror which reflects ones identity in the future. This is the age of creativity and if this creativity is not identified and nurtured now, we would be losing a talent that could make a difference to the society tomorrow.By creating educational opportunities for these kids we will be giving them a tool that will facilitate them to live a life as they want and fulfill their dreams. We want them to grow up and become successful and responsible citizens of our country.

Work done so far

We visited slum areas and construction workers areas, made a survey of all the children who are not going to school, talked to their parents, explained them about the importance of education and convinced them to send their children to school. We then approached the schools in the vicinity for admissions. Our Government is working hard in spreading the importance of education and through this project we want to support our Government in achieving the dream of every child going to school.

Academic year 2007-08
76 children enrolled in various schools across Bangalore
65* children successfully completed one year of education.

Academic year 2008-09
159 children enrolled in 8 schools across Bangalore

Academic year 2009-10
Admitted 300 children in various schools across Bangalore

Academic year 2010-11
Planning to Admit 350-400 children in various schools across Bangalore

How you can help?

Through this project we present to you an opportunity to fulfill a child’s dream. You can participate in this project in many ways and the best place to start is from your home. For instance, you can find out if your maid’s children are going to school or not. On behalf of Aashayein Foundation we can make sure they are put to schools in the area they live in. You can also find out information about the schools in that area so that it would make it easier for us to approach them. You can come forward and sponsor a child’s education.

For any queries, write to us at

*11 children dropped out as the Slum where they were living was moved and we lost their contact