LMC Policies & Procedures

The East LMC is open Monday through Thursday from 6:40-3:30; and from 6:40-3:30 on Friday.  The LMC is to be used by those students who desire a quiet place for study.  Students are encouraged to visit the LMC before and after school. 

·        Students who wish to use the LMC during their lunch hours should secure a pass from the LMC before the start of that lunch hour. 

·        Students who wish to use the LMC during a study hall or free period should secure a pass from one of their classroom teachers. 

·        Students with senior privileges do not need a pass to come to the LMC during that period. 

ALL STUDENTS entering the LMC independently (i.e. not as part of a class) need to sign in at the circulation desk and deposit their passes in the designated box. 

What's in the LMC?

 Materials and computers are provided for research, independent study, and leisure reading.  A current book collection of some 25,000 volumes as well as the extensive use of interlibrary loan within the district gives students access to an abundance of reading and research materials.  The LMC also subscribes to over 20 magazines.  Additional magazines and newspapers are available via Badgerlink and SIRS Researcher.  Specialized research databases (such as the Discovering Series, CQ Researcher, Opposing Viewpoints, and Grolier's Encyclopedia) can be accessed online at school and at home to facilitate student research.  Students are encouraged to ask a Library Media Specialist for assistance with any research project.


            LMC computers offer Internet access, online research databases and other educational software.  Students are encouraged to use the computers in the LMC to complete classroom assignments or for independent study.  Students are cautioned to print only what is necessary for classroom assignments. 

 LMC Materials Policies and Procedures       

             Checking out Materials.  East students may check out books for 21 days and renew them for an additional 21 days.  Magazines can be checked out for one week. Reference books and Reserve books and videos can be checked out overnight.  Students are responsible to East for any materials borrowed from the LMC or borrowed from any other area library through East.  For this reason, the LMC asks students not to check out materials for friends.  

             Due dates and fines.  When checking out materials, students should be certain a “DATE DUE” has been stamped on the white tape affixed to the back of the book. Books are due on the date stamped and can be renewed for another 21 days simply by bringing in the book.  The automated system begins charging fines after the third grace day (the third overdue day).  An overdue fine of $.25 a day (up to $1.00) per item is charged for overdue materials.  Printed fine notices and overdue notices are issued weekly. All LMC obligations must be cleared at the end of each semester. 

             Overnight Materials.  Materials are designated “OVERNIGHT” because students need them on a daily basis.  Therefore, overnight materials can only be checked out after the normal school day ends and must be returned before the following day begins. 

             All circulation fine policies have been developed by the entire Appleton Area School District secondary school media staff and apply uniformly throughout all secondary schools.

Other policies to keep in mind:

·        Food may not be consumed in the LMC or any computer lab.  Violation of this could result in loss of computer and/or LMC privileges.
·        Students are encouraged to use the LMC as often as they desire as a place for quiet study.  
·        A printeris available for school use.    

If you have questions about the East LMC's philosophy and/or policy, please contact Mrs. Bend.

 As always, if you need assistance, ask a Library Media Specialist