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To Infinity And Beyond

All Grades

1-2 participants each grade

Using a planetarium, charts, and a written test, students will demonstrate an understanding & basic knowledge of the solar system & its elements. Grades 4 and 5 will also venture beyond our solar system.

To prepare for the Dome test, use this sky chart and have the students circle and name all the object from the lists.

To Infinity and Beyond:

Our co-supervisor has made a brief video demonstrating what the replacement to the dome test might look like to the participants. 

Here's the link to the youtube:
Please write to weso email for any further clarifications you may need.

To Infinity and Beyond: Change in test format; April 21 Planetarium Dome visits canceled

TO INFINITY AND BEYOND: Change in test format

Due to unavoidable circumstances, we will not have access to the planetarium to conduct the Dome Test on May 12, 2018. Please note the following changes in the test format:
  • We will have an Observation test and written test as planned.
  • Instead of an Observation test in the Dome, we will have an Observation test in the classroom by projecting images on a screen in a dark room. The students will be given a clipboard, red light source and an answer sheet to write down their answers.
  • We will be using Stellarium (a free open source planetarium for your computer) that most of you are familiar with. Since this is a familiar interface for most kids, we are hoping that they will adjust to the new format easily. Here is the link:
  • All competition rules remain the same.
  • We are yet working out the logistics for the event with the supervisors and will keep you updated.
  • The April 21st dome workshop is CANCELLED.