SLN Research Resources

This page gives you ideas to gather research on topics that interest you from valid and varied sources.
Using valid and varied sources, including undigitized material, is a skill you will need to use in college and the workplace.
As you find useful sources, link them on your SLN Project Page: SLN Online Research Method 
Anyone may use this SLN Research Resources template: make template & link it

Other SLN style Resource sites
Michigan Ele
ctronic Library (MEL) access with a MI Driver License number (outside of school)
Ann Arbor District Library (AADL) access with a patron account UN & PW
University of Michigan Libraries (UML) RESEARCH GUIDES explore by content area
UoM Libraries UNIQUE COLLECTIONS - check out the collections available
 ipl2  (from University of Michigan Libraries) 


photo by "raining books"

Definitions of types of Sources:primary, secondary, tertiary, comparison across discipline

Definition Primary Source 

Repositories of Primary Sources 5000+ by location

Using Primary Sources: American Library Association  - “How to” and links to sources

California State University San Marcos: Primary documents online links for sources worldwide

The National Archives: America’s historical documents

Library of Congress : the depository of everything published - some digital, some analog

WWW Virtual Library : Many countries, many languages

Digital Public Library of America - Brings together collections in all forms from all archives and libraries.  

Smithsonian Institution Digital Archives  -Search the Smithsonian Institution Archives’ collections, which contain the official records of the Smithsonian, as well as personal papers, special collections, records of professional societies, and oral/video histories relating to the history of the Smithsonian.

Encyclopedia BritannicaMeL encyclopedia subscription: to use from home use any Michigan drivers license number


Technorati: a blog search engine. Search by tags, people, subject, etc.

Google Blog Search: By name of blogger or title of blog or topics

Anand Patel: Tools to Help You Find Blogs that Matter on Blogging. Some ads, but some lists by subject

Ask yourself - “what makes this blogger an expert or these ideas worth considering?”


NPR Podcasts - from National Public Radio

PRI - Public Radio International

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has made high-resolution scans of its entire collection of art in the public domain — more than 375,000 images — available to the public under Creative Commons Zero, allowing the public to use the images in any way they see fit.
Use Creative Commons tools to help share your work. The free, easy-to-use copyright licenses provide a simple, standardized way to give you permission to share and use your creative work— on conditions of your choice. You can adopt one of the licenses by sharing on a platform, or choosing a license. Search Images

Stories and images
    Lifetags - images from LIFE Magazine

Pixabay  - Free images

iTunes Store  search apps
iTunes Charts  what's new this week, free & paid apps
Appitic Apps for education
Quixey  search engine for apps
Yahoo  apps search
gooru collections app  study help for iPad/iPhone users
Digital Public Library of America - Brings together collections in all forms from all archives and libraries. 
Apps for Ed: Teacher Tested  MindShift Blog post

15 of the Best Open Source Image Sites on the Web from Global Digital Citizen Foundation blog
Flickr social networking & photo posting - share images with experts and discuss expert contributions
Digital Public Library of America - Brings together collections in all forms from all archives and libraries.  
Life Magazine Photo Library  millions of photos by decade

diigo   bookmarking

Online Books Page from University of Pennsylvania Libraries - fiction and non-fiction over 1 million free reads.
eBook Collection via MEL, non-fiction, over 20,000 on all topics
Bartleby great books online 
Baen Free Library  Science Fiction eBooks
Project Gutenberg 40,000 free downloadable eBooks

AUDIO eBooks 
eJunto great works in audio, public domain
ThoughtAudio wide range of audiobooks
Lit2Go collection of stories and poems in MP3
LibriVox public domain books

AUDIO Sound/Visual Libraries 
Macaulay Library - World's largest natural sounds library (birds & animals, etc.) with video

Info from Orgs I'm Interested in

Non traditional organizations 
Fuel Your Writing - 46 fanfiction sites
squidoo - fanfiction sites
Evernote Capture anything. Access anywhere. Find it fast.

Link directly to a page with a detailed explanation of the Research Process


Virtual Field trips, Connect with guest speakers and experts, connect with classrooms around the world.

GlobalVoices - a consortium of journalists and citizen journalists who post in various languages from countries around the world.

TV News Archive - 2009 to present. Over 1mil. clips.

AL-Monitor - The pulse of the Middle East with weekly review.

All Africa - 130 African news outlets aggregated daily.

There are important pieces of information that are not digitized. Interviews, older reports, ephemera, photographs, etc.

American Memory:  An American TIme Capsule

The Bentley Library:  Historical materials

The Clements Library: Look at “Subject Strengths”

Search: "ephemera collections" add your location "University of Michigan"  and/or your topic. You’ll be amazed at what’s available not digitized. 

Skyline High School 21st Century Library - books for your curriculum, use your personal account, it's immediate. How to use the eCatalog.
Ann Arbor District Library - serves the larger public, broad range of books, audio, DVD, online services, databases, many branches.
Mirlyn, University of Michigan Libraries - a research library, material that won't be online, comprehensive databases, you have to got there to use it.
ipl2 - Internet Public Library 2, from the University of Michigan, search resources by subject, special collections created by ipl2.
VLibrary.  Based in Geneva, Switzerland -  international focus - search by topics such as Law, Arts, Math & Science, Business and Economics – chose to read in various languages.
Library of Congress - Virtual Library of American Topics
Digital Public Library of America - Brings together collections in all forms from all archives and libraries. 

Listen to lectures on your topic

iTunesU free educational videos & audios
Academic Earth thousands of lectures from world's top scholars - by subject
big think Interviews with thought leaders in a range of fields
Internet Archive 200,000 free historical videos 
MIT OPEN COURSEWARE lectures & course materials  
MIT VIDEO - 11,000+ videos & lectures
Open Michigan - find course, share content, connect with others
P2PU - a university for the web, built by an open community
TED presentations by the world's leading thinkers and doers
Coursera  College level courses online for free
edX courses from major universities
Udacity  higher education for free
SlideRule Search for courses by subject, topic and provider. Filter to display free content. Filter for video instruction. 


Smithsonian  Artifacts Collection
search "artifact collections" and your topic or time period
American Centuries online artifacts collection

Maps as History animated historical maps
Talessman's Atlas  Historical Maps with sources
History Link 101  Historical Maps  (Eurocentric)
Mapping History America, Europe, Latin America, Africa
Target Map Maps made by others, or make your own
Digital Public Library of America - Brings together collections in all forms from all archives and libraries. 

PBS free videos 
SnagFilms  full length documentaries
TeacherTube  online aggregator of educational videos
TEDEd  Watch, Think, Dig Deeper
Google Video educational videos on wide range of topics
Jing Project  snap a photo of your desktop, make recording, IM or share results
refseek 25 best online resources for educational video
Digital Public Library of America - Brings together collections in all forms from all archives and libraries. 

INFOGRAPHICS & DATA VISUALIZATION   - info graphic made ease (beta)    explore & create infographics and venn diagrams create interactive infographics
Piktochart  create graphics
Target Map Made by others or create your own
Google Fusion Tables Data visualization
Google Public Data Explorer Large data sets made easy
Many Eyes  Create your own visualization
StoryBoardThat a free storyboard tools

Links to various types of resources in one place. Sometimes these are more complex to use because you have to then go out and find the locations of sources mentioned.

JSTOR available for you to use at UoM, academics use this comprehensive source for books, journals, primary sources
Research & Documentation based on MLA Style
Digital Public Library of America - Brings together collections in all forms from all archives and libraries. 


The Best Free Reference Sites - RUSA/ALA 

Internet Public Library (IPL) By Subject

RefDesk .com you have to look around this complex site to find the type of reference books you need.

Infoplease : Atlas, Encyc. Dictionary, Almanacs, Homework help, Thesaurus, etc. (ads)

Ann Arbor District Library: Encyclopedias & Dictionaries, including the Oxford Unabridged Dictionary (you will need your UN/PW)

Encyclopedia BritannicaAAPS encyclopedia subscription: to use from home get UN & PW from your school

GRVL Gale Virtual Reference Library, encyclopedias and reference sources, via MEL

Wikipedia - overview of topic and references to other material


University of Michigan Libraries browse by subject  online. Identify what may be useful, then go to UoM Library and sign in as a guest to use the resources.

InfoTrac Newsstand via MEL Newspaper database

General Reference Center Gold via MEL database of magazines 

New York Times via AADL, current & historical 1851-2007  USA newspapers & Worldwide

Detroit Free Press newspaper

ipl2 Newspapers & Magazines at Internet Public Library2

International Newspapers by country

International Magazines by category


Ann Arbor District Library search for a database by subject (you will need your UN/PW)

Michigan Electronic Library search by subject (you will need a Michigan Driver's License number)

University of Michigan Libraries  browse by subject (identify what may be useful, then go to UoM Library and sign in as a guest to use the resources)

Library of Congress  search by subject. 

Library of Congress Digital Collections various LOC resources pulled together by subject

If you are not from Michigan...What databases are available at your local library? Provided by your state government? Available at a nearby university?

Digital Public Library of America - Brings together collections in all forms from all archives and libraries. 

World Digital Library

Reject the junk, 
Select the Good, 
Use the Best of the Good

Boolean Searching : Fewer hits = Quality hits

When you add a web site URL to this section of your SLN, annotate  why it is valid and legitimate. 

Watch this video for a quick, clear overview

The processes of research

We recommend that you get in the habit of scooping sources that you have rejected and holding them in one section of your SLN Project page.  Annotate them - "I didn't use this site because......"

1. Next time you come across it you won't have to review it again.
2. Whoever assesses your research will know that you were thorough and thinking critically about the sources you find. (Your teacher, professor, boss will love this! They may require it.  It gives them confidence in your research abilities)

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