Welcome to the Slauson Library Media Center! 
Click here to access our Library catalog.   If you need help finding a book please let me, Mrs. Maguire, Library Media Specialist, know and I'd be happy to help.  Read below for library arrangement and policies. I welcome book title suggestions so please visit the "Suggestions" tab and fill out the form.  Thanks!

NEW!:  Our AAPS server space is still available, just renamed.  To access the server Click on Finder, then GO, then Connect to Server.  You will then connect to the server named smb://files01.  Once connected use your student ID# for both the username and password.  Select Students server space then type in your last name in the spotlight search bar.  Violà, you're in.

Slauson Students and Families
The week of October 16-20 is Digital Citizenship Awareness week!  Come to the Slauson Library and pick up a #DeviceFreeDinner form and fill out with your family.  A completed form will allow you to put your name in a drawing for a prize at the end of the week.  Each day this week we'll be focusing on some aspect of Digital Literacy and awareness.
Monday - Be kind online, report abuse.  Try the Digizen digital citizenship game.

Wed. Oct. 25th, 7th & 8th gr. students watching Screenagers: growing up in the digital age,
6th gr. Oct. 26th

Slauson students
This year we'll be working with our Google Apps even more.  I look forward to working with you on research skills, finding new books, and learning from you about favorite books.  I hope to have students help me preview and review new books.  There is no better referral for a book than from another student.  Come into the library media center to say hello!  I'd love to talk books.  -- Mrs. Maguire, Slauson Library Media Specialist

Library Arrangement:
In our library, books are arranged by the Dewey Decimal system.  Fiction books begin with FIC and are followed by the first three letters of the author's name.  For example, Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech would have the spine label, "FIC CRE."  Fiction books are arranged along the outside wall of the media center.

Non-fiction books (information books) have call numbers.  Each set of call numbers correspond to a topic area.  For example dictionaries will be in the 500s, graphic novels in 741, and Biography in 921.  Sometimes the numbers get more specific and will follow the first three digits with subsequent numbers.  For example,  a french dictionary would be 512.20.  The call number is then followed by the first three letters of the authors last name.  

NEW BOOKS, Series books, and Magazines, and Graphic Novels will all be found in the front entry room with the display case.  

Library Policies:
  • Students may have up to 3 books at a time (given there are no outstanding fines or substantially overdue books).
  • Books may be renewed if you bring them in for renewal and there are no holds placed on the book.
  • You may place holds on books using "Destiny Quest." (The link is on the lefthand side of the catalog search page.  Username and password are the same as your Server Space.  Username:  year of graduation + last name + first name + middle Initial, password: student ID #)
  • When you come in to the media center please sign in and show me your pass.  If you need any assistance I am happy to help.
  • If a class has registered for the media center and computers, computers will go to the registered class first.
  • Students are welcome to use computers for school use.  One student per computer and I will let you know which computers are open.  
  • Violation of the Computer Use Agreement will result in a loss of computer privileges and possible VOE.
  • DO NOT go to Systems Preferences for any reason.  Changing any settings will result in a VOE.
Book Club News:

We will be starting book club for interested students later this Fall.  This year we wanted to get into a routine with the new school wide Word Generation activities before starting up book club.  I'll be surveying advisory teachers to find a day that could work for Book Club.  An announcement will made to students when Book Club starts up again.  

Past book club books:  


Try out Order in the Library to test your shelving skills!