Ink: The Skyline Writing Center Blog | Student Voices on the Work of Peer Tutoring

Most students seek out peer tutoring because they enjoy collaborating with their classmates over school content, but, often, the power of these collaborations cannot be quantified. Indeed, much of the important work that occurs in the Writing Center is qualitative: building lasting relationships, mutual learning, and creating a community of confident, thoughtful writers. Tutors in the Skyline Writing Center have joined the program because they are interested in providing high quality writing support to all students to foster a more equitable, meaningful learning environment for their classmates. This blog was created as a way for tutors to tell important stories about their work and the work of their classmates that will not appear in traditional data reports. While these stories may not appear in quantitative data, our tutors believe that they deserve to be told to our community because they are at the heart of the work that we do.

During each week of the school year, a member of the Skyline Writing Center tutoring staff will post personal stories about the work of peer tutoring and their experiences in the Writing Center that move beyond the measurable. Tutors will speak on the intangibles that make Writing Center work compelling and fulfilling.

Ink: The Writing Center Blog