Skyline Writing Prize Results

2016-2017 Winners
First Place
Jessica Gibbs ('17), "Out of the Wardrobe" | "Sedated"

Second Place

Riley O'Brien ('17), "Boxed" | "Absence"

Honorable Mention

Star Su ('17), "Hone(st)y"

2015-2016 Winners
First Place
Anonymous, "Tiers of an Ivory Girl"
Second Place

Kelsey Carpenter ('16), "Towns"

Third Place

Ella Horwedel ('16), "Father and Son"

2014-2015 Winners

First Place
Ella Horwedel ('16), "Down the Road"

Second Place

Third Place

Skyline Writing Prize | Fall 2017
Awards + Judging Information
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The Skyline Writing Prize was created to formally recognize exceptional writing being done by current students.  As the Writing Center has published three issues of Teen Spirit, we have witnessed the power and sophistication of Skyline's creative community.  Indeed, we firmly believe that Skyline's student writers are the some of the best in the state.  The Writing Center believes that excellent writers producing inspiring writing deserve public acknowledgment and financial reward for their work.  It is important to the Writing Center's staff that student voices are fostered and nurtured at Skyline.  

We encourage all students--even those who have never tried their hand at creative writing--to enter the competition.

We hope that the Skyline Writing Prize will be an annual competition, as we seek to provide creative outlets and authentic audiences for students.  We believe that the student work produced at Skyline deserves to be celebrated in our school community and the community at large.  In this, the work of the top three finalists will be published in Teen Spirit, giving the winners a publication credit and added exposure along with their cash prize.

Submission Guidelines
Please follow these guidelines carefully to ensure your submission receives consideration.

The Writing Prize is open to any current Skyline student Pieces submitted for consideration must be less than 2500 words.  Late entries will not be considered.  Submissions may be submitted in the following formats: Microsoft Word (.doc or. .docx), Pages, PDF, or Google Drive.  Students using Google Drive should ensure that privacy settings allow "anyone with the link" to view the document.  The following types of work are permitted into the contest:
    • Short fiction
    • Creative nonfiction
    • Nonfiction essay
    • Drama
    • Poetry
Submissions should feature content acceptable to a school competition.  Works that are racist, homophobic, xenophobic, or otherwise hateful will not be considered for the prize.  Please keep your work tasteful.