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Selecting Sources + Avoiding Plagiarism
Avoiding Plagiarism + Finding Credible Sources
This sheet will help you find credible, reliable sources when doing research.
This sheet will teach you important skills for academic writing.

This sheet will help you seamlessly integrate source material into your academic writing.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) provides detailed information about how to cite sources in-text and create a reference list using APA format.

Basics of MLA Format
This sheet offers you a step-by-step guide for creating in-text citations and developing a Works Cited page in MLA format.

Grammar + Mechanics
Comma Usage
This sheet teaches you how to use commas in a series, when joining coordinate adjectives, in a compound sentence, after introductory elements, to offset interrupting elements, and to introduce a quote. 

This sheet outlines how to write six different sentence types: simple, compound, complex, begin with an adverb, begin with an infinitive phrase, commas in a series. 

Student Podcasts

Using + Understanding the Writing Center

What is the Writing Center? | Bridgette Bauer
Discusses the fundamentals of the Writing Center for outside stakeholders and newcomers.
Using the Writing Center | Anne Boyd + Tommy Cohn
Learn how to use the Writing Center for support.

The Invisible Work of the Writing Center | Anne Boyd
Explores how the work consultants do behind the scenes benefit students on a daily basis.

Dispelling Common Myths About Writing Center | Neha Seshadri
Helps students, teachers + administrators understand the mission + vision of the Writing Center.

The Inclusive Writing Center | Anne Boyd
A discussion of the inclusivity + privacy policies in the Writing Center.
Using Writing Groups | Star Su
Explores how writing groups as a way to hold students accountable to themselves, one another, and the writing process.
Tutoring + Academic Success | Nick Catanzaro + Sean Haddlesey
Discusses how tutors can improve their writing, thinking, and social skills through their work in Writing Center.

Writing Process

Writing Process I | Ethan Cannaert, Sam Ellison + Anita Vander Meulen
Discusses the "big ideas" of the writing process and walks listeners through each of the steps.

Writing Process II | Trevor Force + Christopher Morgan-Martin
Discusses the significant steps one can take toward becoming a better writer over the course of an assignment.

Brainstorming Tips | Danny Vincenz
Advice on how to get started with their essay + avoid the dreaded "writer's block."
Brainstorming: Lists + Mind Maps | Olivianah Baugh
Discusses how to use lists + mind maps to get started on an essay.

Why + How to Prewrite | Star Su
Lays out a rationale for why prewriting is important and discusses different techniques for organizing ideas.

Show, Don't Tell | Lucas Hawley
Provides students with an explanation of the phrase "show, don't tell" + gives meaningful examples.

Time in Writing | Michael MacGillivray
Explores best practices for organizing time throughout the writing process.
Injecting Passion | Inali Hathaway + Camber Hortop
Gives examples for helping writing to be more passionate, particularly for college essays + personal statements.

Effective Conclusions | Latifa Al-Mohdar
Teaches listeners how to end their essay in the best possible way. This goes beyond simply "restating the thesis."  View the accompanying PowerPoint while listening.

Self-Revision Strategies | Emily Lock
Discusses strategies students can use to evaluate and revise their own work prior to or after a Writing Center visit.
Collaboration in Writing | Madison Burk
Explains the importance of working together to multiply funds of knowledge + provides strategies for how to do so.

Minimalism in Writing | Olivianah Baugh
Discusses how to best approach writing where there are word or page constraints + writers need to say a lot in a small space.

Structure + Organization

The Five-Paragraph Essay | Shannon Cowley + Eli Turner
Discusses the structure and function of the most common type of essay.

Alternatives to the Five-Paragraph Essay | Anna Dang + Arifa Syeda
Considers other kinds of writing structures that students can use to effectively make more complex points.

Writing Hook Statements | Anne Boyd + Tommy Cohn
Discusses how to write an opening gambit that gets readers engaged.

Using Transitions | Jenny Mann
Discusses effective transitions + how to use them in the best possible manner.
Sentence Length | Lucas Hawley
Helps students know how to vary the syntax in a way that's appropriate for the genre, audience + purpose of their writing.

Making an Argument

Making Effective Arguments | Anne Boyd
Works to help students consider the most effective arguments for their audience.

Ethos, Logos + Pathos | Tatiana Mason + Floria Tsui
Teaches students what logos, ethos, and pathos are and provides tips for when and how to use each.

Writing for College Admissions

Rhetorical Analysis + SAT Writing | Tommy Cohn + Christopher Morgan-Martin
Explains the basics of the SAT essay and provides tips for success on the exam.

Writing the College Essay | Star Su
Provides tips for getting started on your college admissions essays.

Choosing the College Essay Topic | Inali Hathaway + Camber Hortop
Offers suggestions for choosing the right topic to craft a great college essay.

Writing Theory + Writing Center Pedagogy
Preventing Homophobia in the Writing Center | Liam Keating
Using Rihn + Sloan's "Rainbows in the Past Were Gay," this podcast offers suggestions for preventing homophobia in the Writing Center through challening ideologies.

Our identities impact what we write + how we write; this podcast explains how writing centers work to foster, nurture + engage these personal identities in student work.
Working With ESL Writers | Neha Seshadri
Provides pedagogical foundations + best practices for working with non-native English speakers in the Writing Center.

Growth Mindset | Trevor Force + Christopher Morgan-Martin
Discusses how students can develop a growth mindset despite schools fostering fixed mindsets with grading and standardized testing regimes.

Funds of Knowledge | Tommy Cohn + Christopher Morgan-Martin
Works to define funds of knowledge and thinks about how the Writing Center can encourage their use in the completion of school assignments.

Minimalist Tutoring | Nick Catanzaro
Considers why minimalist tutoring is effective for both tutors and those using the Writing Center.

Joys of Writing | Ethan Cannaert, Sam Ellison + Anita Vander Meulen
Takes listeners through the reasons why writing is both important and fun. If you don't believe writing can be important and fun, this broadcast gives you some writing tricks.

Vulnerability in Writing | Luke Renken
Explains how remaining vulnerable in your writing opens up passion, imagination + creativity.

Explores how reading more--especially increasingly diverse texts--can help with writing development.
Self-Deprecation in the Writing Center | Bella Preissle + Madeline Small
Teaches tutors how to use humor, anecdotes, and shared vulnerability to earn a writer's trust in a session.
Icebreakers in the Writing Center | Alex Eisman + Sean Haddlesey
Helps tutors understand the importance of icebreakers + how to use them effectively to build relationships in sessions.
Comfort in the Writing Center | Caroline Courtright
How to make students comfortable to encourage fast relationships + generate repeat visits.

Grammar, Usage + Mechanics

Affect v. Effect | Anne Boyd
Explains the different usage rules for affect + effect.

Ellipses, Dashes + Hyphens | Emily Lock
How to correctly + effectively use ellipses, dashes + hyphens.

Then v. Than | Leo Lofy
Instructs students on how + when to use then + than.
Semicolons + Colons | Charity Master
Explores the difference between colons + semicolons + explains when to use each.

Conference Presentations

The Blueprint: Building a Sustainable Future for SSWCs
Presenter: Jeffrey Austin

CAPTA Conference | Arlington, Virginia
December 8, 2017
Theme: People, Passion, Purpose

Keynote: Writing Center Work in Troubled Times
Presenters: Jeffrey Austin + Christine Modey

CAPTA Conference | Arlington, Virginia
December 8, 2017
Theme: People, Passion, Purpose

SSWC SIG: The State of Our Centers
Presenters: Jeffrey Austin + Betsy Roche

National Council of Teachers of English | St. Louis, Missouri
November 18, 2017
Theme: The First Chapter

Writing Center Revolutions in the Contact Zone
Presenters: Jeffrey Austin, Kyle Boswell + Kate Hutton

National Council of Teachers of English | St. Louis, Missouri
November 17, 2017
Theme: The First Chapter

"Everything Counts: Emotional Labor in the Writing Center"
Presenters: Jeffrey Austin + Christine Modey

East Central Writing Center Association | Dowagiac, Michigan 
March 24, 2017
Theme: The Community Lighthouse

"Fostering Writing Centers as Sites of Advocacy"
Presenters: Jeffrey Austin, Kyle Boswell, Kate Hutton + Amber Jensen

National Council of Teachers of English | Atlanta, Georgia
November 18, 2016
Theme: Faces of Advocacy

"Ch-Ch Changes: Re-reconsidering the Idea of a Writing Center"
Presenter: Jeffrey Austin

East Central Writing Center Association | Alliance, Ohio
March 5, 2016
Theme: The Multimodal Writing Center

"Intersections: The Skyline-Sweetland Partnership in Context"
Presenters: Jeffrey Austin, Christine Modey, Ella Horwedel, Andy Peters

International Writing Center Association | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
October 8, 2015
Theme: Writing (R)evolutions