What is the Skyline Online Writing Lab (OWL)?
The Skyline Online Writing Lab, or OWL, offers students access to Writing Center services without having to leave class, skip lunch, or wait for an appointment time.  Students can complete the form below, and a tutor will work with their paper within 48-72 hours of its submission.  This is not a proofreading service.  Instead, Writing Center tutors have been trained to give feedback to students in an online environment about higher-order writing concerns: clarity and specificity of claims and topic sentences, using and integrating evidence appropriately, making logical analytical arguments, and more.   This isn't to say we won't look at grammar, usage, and mechanics, but we believe great writing comes from doing the "big things" excellently.  

We also highly recommend that students using the OWL visit us in person for a follow-up session on their work.  This follow-up session can assist students by providing a second read of their paper while also giving them tips and strategies about how to implement the changes that have already been suggested during the OWL session.

Using the Skyline Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Good news!  It's simple, easy, and fast!

Complete the form to the right.  Within 48-72 hours, a Writing Center tutor will leave feedback on your document using the "Comment" feature on Google Drive.  The tutor will not directly change anything in the paper.  It will be up to each writer to go through, view the feedback, and, then, make changes and revisions.   

Students: your paper was successfully submitted when you are taken to the confirmation screen.  Please contact the Writing Center if you need assistance using the OWL.

If you have technical concerns or trouble with submissions, e-mail us at skylinewritingcenter@gmail.com.

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