Make An Appointment

Thank you for using the Skyline Writing Center! We're happy that you chose us to help you become a better writer.  Tutors are available every hour of every school day, including both lunch periods. Students are free to walk-in or make an appointment using the calendar on the right. Making an appointment guarantees that you will see the tutor you want at your desired time.

If you choose to make an appointment, type your name, the class your seeing us for, and the name of the teacher. For example: John Doe, English 10, Austin.

Staff members seeking to reserve Writing Center tutors for their students should put their name, the class they are teaching, and room number for the tutors they want to reserve at the times they wish to reserve them. For example: Austin, Humanities, A415.  If a space is blocked out, it means that the tutor is unavailable at the time you are requesting. You should either select another tutor or another time.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeffrey Austin, the Writing Center director, via electronic mail at

Second Trimester Calendar - Winter 2015
Click Open "Writing Center Appointments" at the bottom of this page to edit the spreadsheet, or click here.

Writing Center Appointment Sheet