Skyline Writing Center Consultants | 2017-2018

Skyline Writing Center consultants are juniors and seniors who have been recommended by their teachers because of their excellent reading, writing, and interpersonal skills. Being nominated, however, was not enough: students had to complete an online application process and in-person interview to earn one of the open tutoring spots.  In short: these students are awesome representatives of the Skyline community committed to using growth-oriented tutoring techniques to help students multiply their funds of knowledge and their exceptional voices to be active members of our local and global communities.  

First Trimester Tutoring Schedule

Tutoring Schedule

First Hour: Bridgette Bauer ('18) | Lucas Hawley ('18)
Second Hour: Luke Renken ('18)
Third Hour: Alex Eisman ('18) | Sean Haddlesey ('18) | Tatiana Mason ('18) | Isabella Preissle ('19) | Floria Tsui ('19)
Fourth Hour: Leo Lofy ('18) | Charity Master ('18)
Fifth Hour: Nick Catanzaro ('18) | Michael MacGillivray ('18) | Neha Seshadri ('18)