Scarlett Middle School 8th Grade Trip Information Page

Trip Application 2018

Parent Info Letter 

Updated Trip Itinerary 


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First Parent Meeting

October 5th, 2017

Scarlett Media Center

6:30pm - 7:30

Trip Dates = 6/12/18 - 6/14/18

Chaperone Guidelines

What to take with you

Bubba Gump Shrimp- Chicago

If you have any questions please contact

Mr. Wills-Begley, via email:

More information will be added to this site as the weeks progress...


Trip Eligibility Process


To maintain  eligibility for the Scarlett 8th Grade Trip,  students cannot exceed the following limits.  This applies to all classes on your schedule,  including electives and CCA,  as well as, to all Scarlett common areas (e.g., school grounds,  second floor lobby and 8th grade lounge, bus pick-up and drop-off,  hallways,  CAFETERIA) and all Scarlett sponsored trips and activities (e.g., field trips,  assemblies,  dances,  and performances).

Zero Suspensions  

Zero Unexcused Absences – for example, skipping class (which can’t be excused) or being absent from school without a parent calling to excuse the absence (parents have 48 hours to excuse an unexcused absence)

Zero Behavior that requires staff intervention at assemblies, field trips, TAB out’s, Parent behavioral meetings, etc. 

Zero Obligations – for example,  financial (books, uniforms, etc.)

Once you exceed one of the above behavioral guidelines (or a combination of two or more non suspension behaviors), you will be dropped from the trip.  You have two weeks after being dropped from the trip to appeal.  You will only get one appeal. If your appeal is approved, but you experience repeated behaviors during another quarter, then you will be permanently removed from the trip.

Following each quarter, letters will be sent home to students who are not in good standing...for example, (poor grades and citizenship, or multiple behavior issues) then a copy will go into the trip file, one is handed to the student, one is mailed home.

If you receive an “in danger of being dropped” letter, you are still going on the trip, but you need to make adjustments in class work and/or behavior.

If you receive a “you have been dropped” letter, you have been removed from the trip.  You can appeal (within two weeks).  You will be reminded of the contract that both student and parent signed.  The contract stated that you cannot exceed the above eligibility limits for each of the remaining quarters.  As a reminder, students get only one appeal.

If you receive a “permanently dropped” letter, you have been permanently dropped from the trip.  

If you do not receive a letter at the end of each quarter, you are in good standing to attend the 8th Grade Trip.